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For people who love cycling getting the right equipment to enhance their riding experience is an important investment. While there are several different key pieces of equipment and accessories cyclists seek out no matter what type of cycling they do, one of the main accessory cyclists look for is a good pair of riding gloves. So, after doing some great research, these cycling gloves make it on my list of the top ten for comfort, durability and performance enhancement.

1. Giro Youth Bravo Junior GlovesGiro Bravo Jr Cycling Gloves Blue Jewel Youth Small

The Giro Youth Bravo Junior Gloves are made of a unique three panel design featuring an AX Suede synthetic leather which is perfect to ensure proper grasp of handle bars. The padded palms are designed to reduce stress on the hands and are great for kids ages 4 to 12. They are a good fitting riding glove and are designed for comfort, flexibility and easy wear. The gloves feature a four-way stretch-breathable mesh with a simple Velcro closure which is great for kids because it makes putting them on and making them adjusted to each individual child a breeze. They are highly absorbent and made to be quite similar to the Giro Adult Cycling Gloves which makes them perfect for all types of cycling.


2. KevenAnna Full Finger Cycling Motorcycle Gloves Outdoor Tactical Shooting Gloves for Military Gear Men’s Military Gloves for Army Tactical Gear

The Keven Anna Military Tactical Gloves are made of a breathable stretch nylon-leather material combination. There is a built-in palm reinforcement designed to help protect against abrasion. Great for outdoor use and recreation they have been designed to be lightweight, and are wear-resistant, and quick-drying. These tactical gloves are easily put on and comfortable for wear. They are designed with a hard knuckle and foam padding protection and are quite durable. They readily follow the contour of the hand allowing for flexibility and full hand use. Uses for these gloves include, military, outdoorsman, batting gloves, shooting gloves, paintball gloves.


3. BOODUN Cycling Gloves with Shock-absorbing Foam Pad Breathable Half Finger Bicycle Riding Gloves

BOODUN Cycling Gloves with Shock-absorbing Foam Pad Breathable Half Finger Bicycle Riding Gloves Bike Gloves B-001, Simple Black, Large

The Boodun Cycling Gloves are great for cycling enthusiasts who are looking for a high-quality durable and flex fitting glove. They have a superior design with many features such as the half finger design and the shock absorbing elastic padding that is lightweight and breathable. This is a perfect design for longer rides because it helps cut down on vibration. The design easily fits to the contour of the cyclist to relieve fatigue and keeps the hands feeling natural and cool. They are weather resistant and have a wonderful look and feel that will make both the novice and the professional rider feel great for long and short rides.


4. Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves Half Finger Fingerless Gloves Airsoft Cycling Motorcycle Gloves

Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves are half finger gloves that are perfect for airsoft cycling or outdoorsman use. They have a great nylon loop on the cuffs making them easy to get on and off. Because they are made of genuine materials including high quality treated leathers, they are flexible, non-melting, breathable and comfort designed.


5. Zookki Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Road Racing Bicycle Gloves Light Silicone Gel Pad Riding Gloves Touch Recognition Full Finger Gloves Men/Women Work Gloves

Zooki Brand cycling gloves are the perfect gloves for mountain biking, road racing or any type of cycling. Their special design micro fiber leather elasticized fabric is comfortable and great for offering full range flexibility to cyclists which is very important for all types of cycling. The gloves are three dimensional and great for use on smart phones and other electronic products. The gloves are finished off with lycra and triple sandwich mesh cloth on the surface making it breathable and moisture-wicking. The palm padding also is perfect for shock absorption with silica gel in the palm to reduce palm fatigue and numbness.


6. FREETOO Full Finger Cycling Gloves Riding Gloves/Bike Gloves/Mountain Bike Gloves- Breathable, Elastic and Protective Men/Women Work Gloves

These Freetoo Cycling Gloves are a full finger design made of a composite of synthetic leather, spandex, nylon mesh and foam to give these gloves a very stylish and flexible breathable feel. The fingers have micro pores on the fingers and palm to ensure release of heat and sweat build-up. They have a great fluorescent exterior design that make them highly visible in low light for dusk and night riding which is very helpful to enhance rider safety in lower light conditions. They are great for cycling, climbing, camping, hiking and a wide variety of outdoorsman uses.


7. Anser 2130042 Riding Gloves Cycling Gloves Breathable Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves Sport Gloves for Children or WomenAnser 2130042 Riding Gloves Cycling Gloves Breathable Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves Sport Gloves for Children or Women (Blue Flower, M)

The Anser 2130042 Cycling Gloves are the perfect cycling gloves for women and children. They are made of neoprene and lycra making for a great stretchable flexible glove which conforms to the shape of the wearer. In addition, the light soft material is great for extended use and they counter sweat buildup with their breathable material. The palms are padded for shock absorption cutting down on road vibration and hand fatigue.


8. HuwaiH Cycling Gloves Men’s/Women’s Mountain Bike Gloves Half Finger Biking Gloves

HuwaiH Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Pad Biking Gloves Bicycle Road Racing Riding Gloves Half Finger Breathable Cycle Gloves for Men and Women (Black Green, Large)

These half finger HuwaiH Cycling Gloves are great for men and women who are looking for a durable anti slip half finger cycling glove that provides comfort for both shorter and longer rides. They are made of a combination of highly elastic Lycra fabric with a knitted elastic mesh fabric for breathability and a thick durable three Gel palm for shock absorption and non-slip wear ability.


9. FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves Bike Bicycle MTB DH Downhill Off Road Glove

FIRELION Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Road Racing Bicycle Gloves Gel Pad Riding Gloves Touch Screen Full Finger Gloves Black Medium

The Firelion Unisex Outdoor Cycling Gloves are great for off road, mountain and on road cycling. They are made of a high quality reinforced microfiber known as Micromatrix. They are readily used for touch screen usage on Iphones and other electronic devices. The padded palm is designed with a GEL pad for durability use so whether the cyclist is short term riding or a longer range ride the design helps relieve stress, strain, pain, fatigue and swelling. It is important for consumers to be mindful of glove dimensions when ordering because they can run a little small for some users.


10. Louis Garneau 1 Calory Gloves – Men’s

The Louis Garneau 1 Calory Cycling Gloves are made of a combination of synthetic leather, Spandex and Amara. Their Spandex design is great for a breathable flexible, comfortable material that conforms to the shape of the hand. They are designed with foam palm inserts and are primarily recommended for road cycling and come with a 1 year warranty.


The Cycling Gloves in this review all offer some of the basic things most riders find important. Each pair is made of materials meant to provide optimum support to the cyclist through high quality breathable materials, palm cushions and easy wear. While the Keven Anna Military Tactical Gloves are a heavier glove and meant for more than just cycling than some of the others like the FREETOO Full Finger Cycling Gloves which is predominantly focused on mountain biking and street cycling, both offer the cyclist high quality performance and comfort for each of their own specialty focuses. Be sure to shop for gloves that are designed to cater to the type of cycling specialty you are focusing on. This can usually ensure that they will match the overall need of the cyclist quite readily.

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