Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders Reviews

With the innovation of technology today, everything is becoming easier for everyone. This includes using a fertilizer spreader to fertilize a vast area in your lawn for your growing plants. Also, this also eliminates hiring a professional just to do your own landscape at home. By fertilizing your plants, you will be able to do them yourself.

The use of commercial fertilizer spreaders is becoming the norm today only because of how it automatically fertilizes every inch of an area. This contributes to the health of the plants for them to be able to grow faster and in the right quantities. With the high demand for sophisticated machinery for agricultural use, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of commercial fertilizer spreaders to choose from. So I’ve rounded up the top 5 best commercial fertilizer spreaders reviews that will help you decide on which one to purchase for your lawn.

How To Choose the Right Spreader for Your Lawn

Top 5 Best  Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders Reviews

1. Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader, Garden Seeder, Salt Spreader

Earthway 2150 spreader is one of the most popular broadcast spreaders today because of its effectiveness and because it’s inexpensive. It is also well-built and durable enough which means that it can last for an extended period of time. One of the best things about Earthway 2150 spreader is that it will let you be in control on the spread rate of this spreader.

Earthway 2150 spreader comes with a manual which lets you know on the different ways you can use the spreader depending on seed and the fertilizer that you’re going to use. You will be informed on how you can adjust the spreader’s flow rate if needed.

Another good thing about Earthway 2150 spreader is that it has a heavy and fully enclosed duty gearbox. This means that spreading your fertilizer will be easier compared to other kinds of the spreader on the market today. Lastly, due to its weight, it won’t tip over when placed on an uneven or included turf.

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  • The drop rate of the spreader can be adjusted
  • Made in the USA
  • The driving handle can be adjusted in different lengths
  • Pneumatic tires that are reliable


  • Assembly time make take up to two hours


2. Brinly-Hardy Tow Series with Poly Hopper, 125 – Pound Capacity

Brinly-Hardy Tow Series with Poly Hopper features a 3.5 cubic feet hopper, which is ideal for light commercial and homeowners applications of up to an acre. The town behind hitch that it has can perfect fit majority of the lawn tractors, which means that you no longer have to do any heavy work.

One of the best things about Brinly-Hardy Tow Series with Poly Hopper is that you can also use this to apply ice melt, granular seed, and other lawn chemicals. This means that no matter what the season is, you will surely be able to use this spreader.

Another good thing about Brinly-Hardy Tow Series with Poly Hopper is that it has a directional spread pattern will control. This means that you will be able to control the spreading. You will be able to spread the fertilizer in the maximum width possible.

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  • Multipurpose spreader
  • Easy for it to calibrate
  • Comes with a tow behind
  • Instructions are clear


  • Handle needs labels


3. Solo, Inc. Solo 421 20-Pound Capacity Portable Chest-Mount Spreader With Comfortable Cross-Shoulder Strap

Solo, Inc. Solo 421 20-Pound Capacity Portable Chest-mount Spreader with Comfortable Cross-shoulder Strap - 421S



Solo, Inc. Solo 421 spreader has a total of 20lbs. weight capacity. It has the ability to handle sand, seed, and can also be used as an ice melter without the need to refill it frequently. Also, to ensure that there will be an even distribution of weight, it can be mounted in the chest. The levers, on the other hand, can assist you with direction, volume, ad flow.

One of the best things about Solo, Inc. Solo 421 spreader is that it is made out of stainless steel and rugged polyethylene. These components will help prevent clogging and rust. The gears are well lubricated, while the gearbox is fully enclosed to protect the fertilizers inside.

Another good thing about Solo, Inc. Solo 421 spreader is that it is specifically designed to spread different chemicals on terrains that are uneven. It has the power to handle particles as large as rock salt and as beautiful as sand. Lastly, to avoid spillage and of course to protect you as well, the container has a screw on cap.

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  • Can handle multiple applications
  • Crank handle
  • Has an ice melter
  • Very easy to use


  • Too heavy when full with fertilizer


4. Earthway 2170 Commercial 100-Pound Broadcast Push Spreader

Earthway 2170 broadcast push spreader has a big capacity, wherein it can hold a total of 100 pounds of fertilizer. This fertilizer spreader is heavy duty, and the handle has a T-shape for secure handling. The setting for the rate control is located at the handle for you to access it easily.

One of the best things about Earthway 2170 broadcast push spreader is that the spreader can be moved by pneumatic wheels which measure at 13 inches. This means that you can run this spreader smoothly on your garden even if it’s too heavy.

Another good thing about Earthway 2170 broadcast push spreader is that its gearbox is securely locked to avoid blockage from any garden debris and to avoid rusting. Lastly, this spreader’s broadcast range can reach to a maximum of 122 feet. Of course, you can adjust the speed by walking fast.

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  • 100-pound capacity
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Can be used for spreading grass seed and pellet snow melt


  • Need to be assembled


5. Lesco 50lb Push Spreader

Lesco 50Lb Push Spreader


Lesco 50lb Push Spreader is perfect for fertilizers and speeds. This spreader can also be used during the winter season so you can spread salts on pathways, driveways, walkways, and ice melts. The push spreader is light in weight and is consists of terrain wheels, which is perfect for the environment.

One of the best things about Lesco 50lb Push Spreader is that you will be able to cover a vast area without putting in too much effort. The reason behind this is because this Lesco spreader can accommodate 50 pounds of fertilizer. So you no longer have to go back and forth just to get refill it with fertilizer.

Another good thing about Lesco 50lb Push Spreader is that it has a manual deflector kit. This is where you can monitor the specific speed for the fertilizer. You have the option to change the distribution route depending on the needs of your lawn.

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  • Steel frame material
  • 50pounds capacity
  • Has a manual deflector kit
  • Easy to use


  • Assembly is needed


What Is A Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders

A commercial fertilizer spreader is one that can help a gardener or a farmer to spread fertilizer, ice melt, sand, lime, and even seed. Majority of the spreaders have a handle that can help the user to hold the spreader properly. It also has wheels so the user can easily transport it to any part of the garden, especially bigger ones.

There are commercial fertilizer spreaders that are big, while there are also small, which is ideal for not so big garden. The spinning disk that is located in the spreader itself is the one responsible for spreading the seeds or the fertilizer itself. Usually, a commercial fertilizer spreader is made out of stainless steel or plastic.

Can Any Garden Size Use A Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

No matter what the size of your garden is, you can definitely use a spreader. There are non-commercial fertilizer spreaders that are ideal for people with limited garden space. This is perfect for people who want their tasks to become more comfortable. You may also choose something that fits in the shed that you have at home. This will make storing easier.

Commercial fertilizer spreaders are usually used in gardens that are bigger than the typical home gardens. The business also uses commercial ones because of their size. It make spreading the fertilizer or even seed easier.

Why Should You Use A Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

Application Will Be Even

One of the main reasons as to why you should use a commercial fertilizer spreader is that it will ensure that the application will be even. Uneven application can result in bare patches which you surely don’t want to happen. There will also be instances where an uneven application can result in burning both the clumps and roots occur. Using a spreader will definitely solve these issues above.

No Chemicals On Your Skin

Another reason as to why it is better to use a commercial fertilizer spreader is that you will be able to ensure that no chemicals will be on your skin. For people who don’t know, it is advisable to avoid your skin to get in contact with the fertilizer. The reason behind this is because it might cause irritation to the skin. So using a spreader will surely keep you safe.

Saves More Time

Using a fertilizer spreader will surely help you to save more time. The reason behind this is because you no longer have to calculate the application rates manually. The idea behind this is because the fertilizer spreader knows how to apply the correct rate without making too much effort.

Types Of Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders

Liquid Fertilizer Spreader 

A liquid fertilizer spreader is using a hose that is attached to a sprayer. It provides a mix of liquid concentration. The application will be measured using the attached hose. Once done, you can immediately spread the fertilizer around your lawn.

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader 

A broadcast fertilizer spreader is one of the best spreaders available on the market today. The reason behind this is because of its versatility and the easy way to apply the fertilizer on the lawn. All of the spreaders today come with calibration, which you can adjust, so you know how much to apply on your garden.

Drop Fertilizer Spreader 

One of the first to be used to help apply dry fertilizer, the drop fertilizer spreader is similar to the broadcast spreader. With its wheels overlapping on the soil, this will ensure you that you have applied fertilizer along the way.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Purchasing A Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

Type of Fertilizer Spreader 

As mentioned above, there are different types of commercial fertilizer spreaders on the market. That is why knowing the right spreader that you want would be ideal. You can choose a broadcast spreader, which is the most common to make things easier. But if you are going to use a liquid fertilizer, then a liquid fertilizer spreader will be ideal.

Material Of The Fertilizer Spreader 

The next thing that you need to do is to choose the right material. Of course, a metal-made fertilizer spreader means that it may be a little heavy. But if it has the right kind of wheels, then you won’t have to worry about anything. There are also plastic ones, but this is seen with liquid spreaders. So know which material you need for your spreader.

Portability Of The Fertilizer Spreader

The last thing that you need to do is to check how portable the fertilizer spreader especially if it is already filled with fertilizer. You can opt for one that has rubber wheels as this is more comfortable to push around if needed. A liquid spreader may be portable depending on the weight that it has if it already has a liquid fertilizer inside.


With the top 5 best commercial fertilizer spreader reviews above, you no longer need to look no further. The reason behind this is because we have listed the top 5 best on the market that you can choose from. All you have to do is to check the ones that will provide you the needs that you and your garden will actually need. Always remember to follow the tips above so you will end up with the best spreader that you can have.

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