Best Combination Padlocks Reviews

Having a good lock allows you to keep your property and family safe and away from thieves. Fortunately, there are countless locks to choose from. However, since there are many locks in the market today, this makes it quite confusing and difficult for people to select which one is the best.

Well, choosing a lock shouldn’t be time-consuming and difficult. That’s where we can help you. If you are looking for the best lock that will keep you and your things safe, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have compiled some of the best combination locks that can help maximize the security of your property.

But wait — before we tackle the best combination locks in the market, let us talk about the things to look for when purchasing a combination lock first. So, let’s not wait any longer and get into it below, shall?

What to Look for When Buying a Combination Padlock

Selecting a lock isn’t a hard and time-consuming task – that if you know what are the things to look for when purchasing. If you are confused and don’t know how to choose the right combination lock for your property, then better read on as we are going to share to you some tips that will enable you to find the right lock that will suit your needs.

Should be saw-resistant

When choosing locks, go for locks that are saw-resistant. This will enable you to easily prevent thieves from breaking into your home. Saw-resistant locks make it quite harder for criminals to access your property no matter how much they saw the lock.

Keys should not be easily duplicated

Some combination lock has a key to unlock while others don’t. When looking for a lock to buy, try to choose one that can’t be easily duplicated, the keys specifically. If locksmiths can copy the door locks with little to no effort, keep in mind that thieves can do that too. Always make sure that the locks you will get can only be copied by certified locksmiths.

Select locks with anti-drill feature

If intruders can’t break your locks, they can drill your locks to break into your property. This is why it’s very important for every homeowner or business owner to look for locks that have anti-drill feature. Not only that this will make it very difficult for criminals to access your home, but this will also enable you to protect your property and family better.

By following the tips above, you should be able to find the right combination lock that will suit your expectations and needs. So, before you decide to purchase a lock, use the tips above as a guide to easily find the perfect combination lock that will keep you and your loved ones secured. Well, let’s now talk about the best combination locks in the market today.

Top 10 Best Combination Padlocks Reviews

1. Master Lock Padlock


Master Lock Padlock, ProSeries Set Your Own Combination Lock, 2-1/4 in. Wide, Brass, 1177D


If you run a business, it’s very important to keep your office safe at all times. That’s where the Master Lock Padlock can help you. This lock is specifically made for industrial and commercial applications. It comes with a 4-digit combination for superb convenience and security. Moreover, the padlock features a blind dial that enables the users to operate it in low light, with gloves, or even in complete darkness.

Furthermore, the Master Lock is constructed of a solid brass body for ultimate corrosion resistance and boron carbide shackle for superb cut resistance. It’s durable enough to withstand cut and prevent corrosion so it’s safe to say that this lock is pretty tough. In addition, it has a dial dust cover and shackles seal, making it very suitable for gates, construction sites, and more.


2. Mini Dial Combination Lock

Master Lock 1533TRI Mini Combination Padlock, 3 Pack, Assorted Colors

The Mini Dial lock is ideal for bags, backpacks, and lockers at school. It’s a perfect lock for indoor use. It delivers 3-digit combination for convenience. Although this combination lock isn’t as big as other locks, it is quite durable considering its size. It’s has a metal body and steel shackle for superb security and strength.

Since the widebody is made of high-quality metal, it can easily prevent sawing and cutting, making it one of the best and smallest combination locks in the market. Moreover, the Mini lock is available in different colors: red, purple, and blue.

If you want to secure your backpack, school locker, or bags, then don’t hesitate to get the Mini Dial as soon as possible. In addition, it  is no doubt a pretty good deal for such a small combination lock that delivers numerous features.


3. Set Your Own Word Combination Lock

Master Lock 1535DWD Set Your Own Word Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

What makes this lock unique is that it requires letters to unlock instead of numbers. It features a resettable 4-dial letter combination for convenience. It’s also easy to use. All you need is a coin to reset and set the combination.

Moreover, the Set Your Own Word lock comes with a durable design. It delivers a quality steel shackle, metal body, and anti-shim locking mechanism for the ultimate durability and security. The combination lock also offers dial grip points for precise dialling and keyless convenience. It is available in multiple colours: light blue, pink, blue, and black. The price of the Set Your Own Word lock won’t disappoint you as well too!


4. Wordlock PL-004-BK 5-Dial Combination PadlockWordlock PL-004-BK 5-Dial Combination Padlock, Black

The Wordlock PL-004 stands out for one reason: it uses a combination of words instead of numbers! This will allow you to keep your things and family much safer than any other number combination locks. Moreover, it works well for people whose having a difficulty memorizing numbers since it requires words.

You can set any words you want but always remember the combination. Don’t worry if you forget the combination, you can reset it anytime you want to. There are 10,000 combinations to select from, so don’t hesitate to change the combination as frequently as you want if you need to. It’s built with a durable locking mechanism, metal body, and hardened steel shackle that can effortlessly withstand serious impacts.


5. Master Lock Padlock, Set Your Own Combination Lock

Master Lock 643D Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1-9/16 in. Wide

Looking to secure your backpack or locker? This master lock is the answer you’re looking for. This lock is best used for indoor storage lockers or school lockers and bags. It offers 4 dial number combination which is resettable.

Since the numeric combination is resettable, you can set and rest the code anytime you need or want. If you are searching for locks that can quickly and effectively secure lockers or backpacks, don’t hesitate to get this padlock as soon as possible. Although the lock is small, it can secure your things big time!


6. Master Lock 178D Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock 178D Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Black

The Master Lock 178D is made with a solid body for extreme strength and hardened steel shackle for cut resistance. It’s sturdy enough to withstand cut and serious impact so it’s safe to say that the 178D combination lock is a great indoor and outdoor lock. This combination lock allows you to protect and secure your property from thieves or intruders.

Furthermore, the combo lock features a 4-digit numeric combination for superb convenience and security. This will enable you to create thousands and thousands of combination. The design of this lock is pretty simple, but it gets the job done very well.


7. Set Your Own Combination TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

Master Lock Padlock, Set Your Own Combination TSA Accepted Luggage Lock, 1-5/16 in. Wide, 4696D

Set Your Own Combination lock is perfect for travel and indoor use. This small combo lock can enhance the security of your property or your equipment when you are travelling. It enables TSA or Transportation Security Administration screeners to check and relock your baggage without scratching or damaging the lock itself.

Furthermore, the TSA lock features 4-dial numeric combination for keyless convenience. This combo lock is constructed of a durable metal body and hardened steel shackle for maximum security. Though it may not look as tough as other great combination locks, it’s one of the best combo locks you can find in the market today!


8. 4 Digit Combination Lock for Gym, Sports, School & Employee Locker


Padlock - 4 Digit Combination Lock for Gym, Sports, School & Employee Locker, Outdoor, Fence, Hasp and Storage - All Weather Metal & Steel - Easy to Set Your Own Keyless Resettable Combo - Red


This combo lock is an ideal lock for school lockers and private storages. It delivers 10,000 unique numeric combinations, making it very difficult for thieves to crack the code. You can see the numbers easily and you have the power to set and reset the code as frequently as you want. It comes in different colors that you would certainly love.

The 4 digit combination is constructed of quality zinc alloy and plated steel and it’s weatherproof. Whether you need a lock for your storage or bag, this combination lock will suit all your needs with little to no effort.


9. Master Lock 653D Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock 653D Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

The Master Lock 653D delivers basic protection for your school bag or storage. The lock features soft-touch bottom and a non-slip grip so you can operate it better. It also comes in a bright color for quick and easy identification.

It’s made of hardened steel shackle and a metal body which means that it’s no doubt quite durable considering the small size. The 653D is available in several colors, including orange, yellow, red and blue so don’t hesitate to choose your favorite color when you decide to get this one!


10. Master Lock Lock Box

Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box, 5 Key Capacity, Black

Looking for an excellent indoor and outdoor combo lock? Look no further. The Master Lock is the one you need. The lock provides the resettable 4-digit combination for keyless convenience. It’s made of metal body and vinyl coated shackle that allows it to prevent scratching.

The lock is compact and durable at all times. If you want to experience the best security solution to protect your property, belongings, or loved ones, don’t hesitate to purchase the Master Lock as soon as possible. While this combination lock isn’t as affordable as other locks, it is worth the price.



Before you decide to buy a combination lock, use the above as a guide to easily find the right combination lock that will meet your satisfaction, needs, and budget. There are countless combo locks in the market today, and above you can see some of the best. If you want to boost the security and safety of your property or family, consider buying the locks above – the earlier, the better!

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