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Why put your camera or android phones into risk of water or any adventure?  If you can have the best Action Camera for any set of mode adventure you like!

Have you ever experience moments were you always missed the actions in just a glimpse of your eyes; then suddenly when you’re about to take your camera everything was gone?

Cameras are getting smaller and handy to take, high above the sky, while on the road driving or even submerge yourself to the water to record the views only your eyes can get.

Action cameras are designed to be small and rugged, allowing you to shoot immersive, on-the-ground footage in harsh conditions. You can mount them almost anywhere! They’re easy to use, but owners are always trying to find ways to give their footage a unique edge.

It’s no surprise they’ve become popular among the extreme sport set—think snowboarders, skateboarders and skydivers. For team sports athletes, action cameras put a whole new twist on reviewing game tape: They deliver an up-close, first-person view of plays as they happen.

Here are some actions cameras might for you to think, they can sure give you the mode of actions videos you like!

Quick Summary

  • Want to have a steady and clear video action recording? Good thing AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP has an ultra HD and stabilization settings for a crystal clear capture for any action videos you are going to take.
  • If you’re looking for an action camera has a wide screen lens that allows you to shoot wider scenes have Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP with wide angel lens and Distortion Correction – 170°wide-angle lens and LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) will help to remove fish-eye effect.
  • For any users who are a fan of taken multiple mode scene here is NeewerG1 Ultra HD 4K continuous shooting (3 Photos), time-lapse, loop recording, image rotation, exposure; you can bring it to more applicable conditions beyond your expectation.

Who Should Get This?

Action cameras will benefit most sports enthusiast, bloggers and even those people who uses it for personal matter that want to recall the experience they had for a certain moment. Beyond that, almost everyone can benefit from having an action camera on hand.

They work on both indoors and even outdoor activities, from roads, underwater and even high above the sky without any hesitations of damaging it. You can keep as many as videos and photographs depending on the capacity of your memory card you use, and you’ll doubtless need one soon in the future to have more action mode and memories to keep.

However, just an extra precaution that even it can go along with what every adventure or actions plans you have, it has limitations for any moves you take…

Buying a Action Camera: What to Consider in 2020?


Action cameras also features sizes, shapes and weights. Bulkier, square ones go better for chest mount, while bullet-shaped ones make excellent additions to your helmet, bike handles, and so on. Choosing the best angle for the best type of action/ sports is a skill you will master while enjoying discovering and experimenting with your action camera.


The video quality and resolution of your camera should allow you to capture clear, crisp and immersive footage or photos. Go for the highest resolution go can get. 4K portable monitor with 30fps up to 60fps is one of the highly suggested action camera now days.  The human eye will spot slight differences, but the 60fps allow you to edit parts of your video in slow motion.

Some of the other quality factors to check are things such as the buttons, the feel, whether the screen is protected, if there are any protective flaps for the memory card and battery bay.  Most of the action cameras support microSD cards up to 32GB, but more premium models may go up to 128GB and more.

Durability and waterproofing

All action video cameras are rugged, but there are varying degrees of toughness. Know what you expect to put your camera through before making a decision. Each product is labelled with specific information on what it can tolerate. You are going to want to see how deep underwater it can be submerged. How far you can drop it and expect it to still work. And how hot or cold it can get.

Additional Features

Some action cameras come with a bundle of accessories while others require you to purchase them separately. Usually, standard accessories include helmets, head mounts, handlebar mounts, chest belts, telescoping poles, etc. However, if you are into surfing, skiing, or other extreme sports, you want a camera coming with those specific accessories. It would be a pity to decide and pay for a device and learn you will not be able to attach it to your surfboard.

The Best Action Camera for Year 2020

1. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera Remote Control 5X Zoom Underwater Camcorder with 2 Batteries and Helmet Accessories KitAKASO Brave 4 4k20MPAKASO Brave 4 4k20MP is a perfect action camera for outdoors sport and underwater sports with built-in electronic image stabilization, turn gyroscope on when shooting video to make your video much smoother also has anti-shaking on when taking pictures to have a clearer views of what you want.


  • There is an optional wide angel between 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° and each battery for     1080P/About 90 mins, 4K/2K/About 60 mins.
  • For you to get best performance a high quality and take as many videos you can use 8-64GB class 10 micro SD card (not included) should be used.


  • Always format the card (not included) before using the camera or FAT32 format in your computer before using the camera.

2. Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP

Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP Action Camera with WiFi EIS LDC Remote Control Sports Camera 40M Waterproof Underwater Camcorder with Accessories KitWhat to have a photo or videos that more likely taken by professionals? The Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP has created high-tech sensor to capture exciting moment that you can take and has a wide-angle lens of 170° that allows you to shoot wider scenes and even has a LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) will help to remove fish-eye effect.


· Please note the EIS and LDC cannot be turned on at the same time.

· For best performance a high quality 8-64GB class 10 micro SD card (not included) should be used.


· The remote control is not waterproof.

3. Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K

Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera Kit Includes 98 ft Underwater Waterproof Camera 16MP 4K/30FPS 170 Degree Wide Angle WiFi Sports Cam High-tech Sensor with Remote/Battery and 50-in-1 Accessory KitFan of more navigations on action cameras? Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K has single, continuous shooting and you can even bring it to more applicable conditions beyond your expectations, no deformable fish-eye lens and also even has a large display that enable the impressive and vivid image you can enjoy.


· Every accessory is designed to be very durable and will not be easily broken.

· Neewer G1 has many accessories included.


· This action camera doesn’t come with Micro SD Card and can take up to 64GB.

Additional Tips

For you to have a better moment with your action cameras try to navigate more and try out new angels and features in it. The more you are will knowledgably about the navigations features, the more you will enjoy your action cameras do lots of tricks on it.

Don’t let failing batteries come in the way of your footage. Always bring along two to three extras and be sure they’re not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Look for cameras that have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can instantly share video or photos.

Try filming it a few different times with the camera mounted from different positions. This helps you get a more complete view. You may find that some positions work better than others. The handlebars on your mountain bike may yield rougher footage than the view from your chest, for example.

You can also check out our list of the best action cameras, or what action cameras that suits your sets of expectations in your action adventures.

Final Word

Start thinking of an action buddy that can take your expectations for any action adventures you like to take. We don’t know in every action you take that’s the greatest action move that other people are looking forward to see through online. If you have other add-ons information feel free to send us a message, we’d also love to hear about it, contact us via email.

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