Best Automatic Pool Water Leveler Reviews

Automatic pool water levellers are the tools that automatically added water to your pool when it gets below a certain level. Though, it looks small, it has great quality and capacity.

Since pools are a really crucial part of many of our lives and when it comes to relaxation, water is probably the most convenient and easiest approach to get that sufficient relaxation you really want.

So today, we’d like to review some of the best automatic pool water leveller which hare really handy, easy to use, and very convenient. These tools can easily aid you to fill up your swimming pools in no time and less effort. If you’re someone with kids who love water and their swimming pool, it can help you a lot to acquire your work done more effortlessly.

As most of us are working really hard and are always busy with our jobs and works and there is a time when each one of us breaks down and is in real need of a quick break, so going to the swimming pool helps you a lot and imagine If the pool is out of water and you have to fill it first then start the therapy. It is quite disappointing we all know so with the help of these Automatic Pool Fillers you will easily refill your swimming pool and start your time.

It is useful in many ways; most of us are always in a hurry and cannot really wait for anything so this is the right choice for many of us. So after reading this article, you will be able to distinguish between some good and bad Automatic Pool Fillers. You will understand how to use them and get the results really quickly. So let’s begin with some Best Automatic Pool Fillers of all the times.

So stay tuned!

Top 5 Best Automatic Pool Water Leveler Reviews

1. Fill-O-Matic 2000 swimming pool water leveler


Fill-O-Matic 2000 swimming pool water leveler


This pool water leveller will automatically keep your swimming pool water filled to the level you desire. It works with both in ground or above ground pools. It’s made in the USA with the highest quality materials currently available. Its base is designed with 100% rubber and has a lifetime warranty, it will not slide, slip, or leave any marks.

Also, its UV stabilized acrylic bracket gives the ultimate in chlorine strength and resistance. The float valve mechanism has been proven in over a hundred thousand installations around the world. The level can be adjusted from 2 inch depth to 9 inch and an extension bracket is available at Amazon that can add an extra 5 inch of depth.

If your water pressure is above 60 PSI, a pressure reducing valve is probably needed.

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  • Sturdy unit
  • Easy hook up
  • Secured
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • 100% rubber base


    • The connections are plastic


2. Rola-Chem Sentry Automatic Pool Water Leveler

Rola-Chem Sentry Automatic Pool Water Leveler

This automatic pool water leveller is a high capacity for pond, spa, or pool that lets you maintain water level automatically and unattended. Its filler is a high-grade quality product that utilizing pump against burnout and never overfills the pool.

You need to use heavy-duty, reinforced hose while utilizing it since this tool is under constant water pressure. This product works both flat and rounded concrete deck and it will work as long as the float is in the pool.

When it comes to installations, it is quick and all the instruction comes in one solid package. This is a great automatic pool water leveller that’s widely used around the globe and satisfying consumers with great quality.

This product is rated to 200 PSI working pressure and has 750 PSI burst strength. This system works well where the water level is 2 inches to 8 inches below the pool deck surface.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Automatically shuts off after reaching a predetermined water level
  • Quality made
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Supports heavy duty garden hose


  • The float system is quite short


3. LITTLE GIANT Plastic Housing Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve TM825



LITTLE GIANT Plastic Housing Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve TM825


This automatic pool water leveller is a highly advisable battery that has high capacity. It uses the latest technology to give you the high quality pool filler. For this product, you’ll get various advantages from it such as; it is utilized with a 375 gallon per hour capacity.

Additionally, it is engineered with a plastic as well as galvanized metal that is very helpful in any scenarios. Another thing is that, it is very easy to use and quick to install.

The most crucial factor about this product is that it is made in USA. For the most part, we all know everything that it is made in USA have high-grade quality and the best result for everyone after they’ve used it and it’s not easy to break in any kind of situation.

And lastly, you can use this on a PVC frame that acts as an automatic swimming pool filler. It is very effective but since water source is from a well, the hardware rusts and you might need to use an angle saw to get the bolts off to replace the unit.

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  • Accepts a standard ¾ garden hose
  • Flows up to 245 gallons per hour
  • Operates between 20 to 50 PSI
  • Automatically controls water level for most plastic and metal stock tanks


  • The rubber seal is quite flimsy


4. Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control Automatic Pool Water Leveler


Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control (White) Automatic Pool Water Leveler


This patent pending improvement lets the Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control to outperform old models and similar looking products by over 3 times the performance and durability. It is also capable of operating at pressures above 155 PSI.

To an average pool owner, this product means it can last much longer and perform much better than ever before. You no longer need to worry about any water pressure changes or the extra cost of water regulators. With the NXGEN advantage, this product has eliminated water stress cracking, chipping, inlet wear, and other common failures that plague the inferior design of the competitors.

Also, it increases weight totalling 5 pounds keeps the Staypoollizer premium in the ground pool and automatic water leveller right where you desired it to. Also, it doesn’t need extra rocks because it comes ready to use right out of the package.

And lastly, it is engineered with the new attractive anti-slip coating holds the unit in place dry or wet while protecting it from the elements. Additionally, it reduces the risk of pump damage from water levels falling to low and attaches to a typical garden hose new float design ensure the water is where you want it.

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  • Robust and stable
  • Maintenance free
  • Solid metal inlet
  • High performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth surface design
  • Easy to setup


  • Quite expensive


5. HydroLogic HLFV4 Float Valve, 1/4″




HydroLogic HLFV4 Float Valve, 1/4"



This product works to maintain proper water levels in your active aqua hydro-logic water filtration system.

At 50 PSI, it can stop the water cold, and not just a drip leaking. Users should let 2 inches up swing to properly close the valve. You can use two of these in your indoor auto water-feed fountain and they would work like a charm. You won’t worry about overflow anymore. Just make sure it’s installed accordingly so that it won’t turn.

It’s an excellent pool water leveller because its clamp doesn’t leak and when the water hits the level, it shuts off entirely. This product is also adjustable so you can get a couple inches up and down on your water level from where you install this.

It is very well built and does exactly what it is intended to do. No you can turn the reverse osmosis system on and walk away and don’t need to worry about coming back to a huge mess. This product is a lifesaver because the RO System takes quite long to really process large quantities.

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  • Works well with Active Aqua Hydrologic water filtration systems
  • Can be adjusted
  • Can achieve optimal water levels with its hydro-logic float valve
  • Excellent PSI
  • Very well built


  • Doesn’t comes with a quick-connect fitting 


Installing a Swimming Pool Auto Fill System

In today’s living, new pools don’t have any issue at all. But if you own a home that has an old swimming pool, unless you have already taken care of the issue, you are probably tired of getting up at night to put water in your pool.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up at 1 A.M. and hearing your pool pump sucking air since the water level is low. However, ignoring this kind of noise won’t fix the issue. So you must put on your slippers and creep outside in the dark to put more water in your pool. And hopefully, your kids or your wife won’t hear the noise.

Truth be told, deep down inside, you hate having a swimming pool but sadly for now, all you can do is install an automatic pool water leveller and hope that solves the issue.

Low Pool Water Problems

  • Here are a few reasons why your pool levels drop:
  • There’s a leak that is a serious issue you must check.
  • You are not adding enough water when you do your weekly backwash.
  • Pool water tend to evaporates

All of these issues have the same result and over a few days, or even weeks, the water drops low enough that the pump starts sucking air through your skimmer.

However, you probably already know that. And knowing what causes the issue does not make you feel any better particularly if you have been woken up multiple times.

You’d also think that whoever built your pool would have thought to make an automatic water levelling system into the pool would have thought to build an automatic water levelling system into the pool when it is installed.

Here’s quick guide for installing a pool water leveller:

  • Purchase a leveller kit and a water hose that reaches from the water bib to the pool. This could require basic assembling.
  • Attach the automatic pool water leveller to a hose and set the leveller up so the float can open your water valve. It works like the float that is in your toilet. The float comes up, the valve closes, the float goes down, the valve opens.
  • Next, turn on the water bib and let the water flow until the float comes up and automatically closes the valve. You can adjust this part if required.
  • Now if the water is drained, leaks out, or the water evaporates during backwashing, the float will drop and the valve will open and add water until the level is back up to where you’d want it and then your valve closes once again.

Once the pool water leveller is adjusted accordingly, you don’t need to worry about getting up at 1 AM anymore to add more water.

Pro Tip

As a safety measure, you can also make sure that your water bib has an anti-siphon valve so you are not sucking water from the hose up into your cold water pipes when your showers or faucets are running.

It’s not an issue. It screws on your water bib between the bib and hose, and you can buy one when you purchase the hose and the leveller. 

Advantages Automatic Pool Water Leveler

Did you observe the water in your swimming pool significantly decreases gradually? Worry not, because the gradual loss of water in your swimming pool is expected and a common occurrence.

The loss of water in your pool overtime can occur for various reasons such as poor pool construction, water leak, evaporation, wind, and frequent backwashing, as well as water that splashes out of your pool. In the recent years, pool owners had to monitor their pools to make sure that the water is at safe levels for equipment operations. Fortunately for us, there are now more effective and convenient ways to do this. And that’s where automatic pool leveller systems were made for.

Water loss can be quite detrimental to your pool once it becomes a little bit extreme. First, water loss can shift the balance of your pool chemistry, and affect the quality and the cleanliness of your water. Moreover, water loss can cause damage to the rest of your pool tools once it drops below the skimmer inlets and air is sucked into the entire system.

Certain pool owners may not recognize such loss until the issues become greater because water loss can be very slow.

Automatic pool water leveller systems are engineered to automatically calibrate the water level of your swimming pool. A pool leveller is an excellent addition that protects your investment. A number of leveller systems can be simply linked to a residential garden hose while others come with their solenoid valve and control box.

Leveler systems come with a float mechanism that monitors your water levels. Once it gets too minimal, the water content is automatically added to the pool until it reaches safe levels again. This get rids of the need for pool owners to check their pool weekly for gradual water loss.

Also, some automatic pool water leveller systems are engineered to have dual fills. If you have a spa and pool, you can now buy one automatic fill system that can monitor both.

Conserves Energy

  • Less water and power used to regulate water supply
  • Since water levels are automatically controlled, the amount of electrical energy used is significantly limited

Saves Money

  • Tons of saving over years from chemical and equipment preservation
  • Wasted power and water is kept at minimum
  • Water regulation is maximized through leveller systems
  • Conserved power which ultimately saves money

Saves Time

  • Works on its own with automatic sensors
  • Since it is automatic, it diminishes the need to check water levels every week

Water Usage

  • Often times pumps get more use during the day letting the leveller system to provide more water throughout the day than at during night.
  • Leveler systems optimize water usage.


As you can see, resolving pool issues and fixing a low water problem because of evaporation is an easy fix for any do-it-yourself pool owner.

However, on the other hand, if you decide to wait then you’re risking burning up your pump and that would probably cost you at least around $700 to repair, just because you allow the pump to suck air while you’re sleeping.

It’s simply not worth waiting anymore to fix, but now you have a repair plan. A wise decision is to get the best automatic pool water leveller in order to minimize all possible problems in the future.

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