Best Android Touch Screen Car Stereo Radios & In-Dash GPS Navigation

We all know that technology has played a huge part in changing everyone’s life as well as our vehicle’s.

One of the features that comes in modern cars to have a better riding experience include a touchscreen stereo radio that lets you benefit from a number of functions like streaming audio from online Apps, USB devices, or smartphones. In addition, the device allows you to benefit from a hands-free calling so that you don’t need to deal with your smartphone while driving.

Now if you’re looking for the best android touch screen car stereo radios out there, then we’ve got you covered as we’ll be sharing our top 5 picks that will surely meet your needs.

If you want to learn more, read on!

How to Install an Android Touch Screen Car Stereo Radio

Now that you’ve picked and bought your chosen Android touch screen car stereo radio unit, it is now the time for the installation process for your vehicle. Click here for a video tutorial.

For the most part, we really encourage you to get a professional mechanic if you don’t really feel that you can do the job or have doubts.

Additionally, it’s always a nice idea to get your truck or car manual out of the compartment just in case you’re looking for some extra help like locating your vehicle’s stock head unit. In addition to that, you might want to take a video while removing the head unit so you’ll have an idea of how the wiring will work.

The Step-by-step Process

Before installation, make sure you disconnect your vehicle’s battery before starting the installation process. The reason is because, each Android unit and car are unique. You should also remember that the following steps below are to be used only as a guideline in order to familiarize yourself with the appropriate process.

Step 1

Be sure that your vehicle is parked on a level surface while implementing the parking brake. Next, scan through the manual that came with the head unit you chose and get all of the necessary tools before starting. The tools normally include a container to place the screws when you remove them, flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2

Remove your old head unit from your car’s dash. Depending on the car you have, you may need to get rid of the trim. Make sure that you are careful, and while using a flat head screwdriver, carefully pry the trim rather than forcing it. If the trim seems stuck, you shouldn’t force it, and better to look to see if it’s linked to anything.

Step 3

In this next step, free the stereo from your car, and again don’t yank on any wiring or don’t force anything. Depending on your car, the old head unit could be held in with screws, Torx bolts, or clasps, thus you should act accordingly. Carefully disconnect the original head unit wiring, this is normally done by disconnecting the wire hardness from the radio. Additionally, you should disconnect the antenna wire.

Step 4

Get your newly-bought unit and wire it using the harness. In this process, make sure to match the colors. If you need to, take a look at the video you took earlier in order to make sure. Link the antenna wire to the radio.

Step 5

Put your new Android head unit into your dashboard. Then replace any panels or trim that you removed. And lastly, go and link your car’s battery. Turn on the ignition and test it, and have fun!

Top 5 Best Android Touch Screen Car Stereo Radios & in Dash GPS Navigation Review

1. ATOTO A6 Universal 2 Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

ATOTO A6 Universal 2 Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth - Standard A6Y2710S 1G/16G Car Entertainment Multimedia Radio,WiFi/BT Tethering Internet,Support 256G SD &More
This one is an optimized car stereo as it comes with many features that you and your car might need in the long run. Those features include steering wheel key control, Bluetooth, dash camera and backup camera, and many more. Just like to other models from ATOTO, this car stereo comes with 9 integrated languages that give convenience to different kinds of consumers.

The second thing you’ll love about this android touch screen car stereo is its fantastic quick boot performance. You can guess how long it requires to get booted – and that is actually 2 seconds only.

The faster boot-time not only gives convenience for the consumers’ use but can somehow preclude the battery from draining out. And lastly, you can efficiently run 3rd-party applications in this device as well.



  • Friendly and smooth run for 3rd-party apps
  • Comes with 9 languages in the system
  • 2 seconds faster boot-time
  • Comes with bunch of useful features
  • High compatibility for vehicle fit/installation


  • Could be better with a screen protector
  • Customization should be easier

2. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia DVD Receiver

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia DVD Receiver with 6.2" WVGA Display/Apple CarPlay/Built-in Bluetooth/SiriusXM-Ready/AppRadio Mode +
For all you know, Pioneer is a prominent brand when it comes to car audio, so it must be no surprise that the audio options and quality on this particular model are superb.

The Pioneer AVH-1300NEX is satellite-ready and comes with an onboard CD/DVD player as well. Though its touchscreen is quite smaller compared to some other units, its physical buttons on the driver’s side are very easy to use and responsive.

This is an impressive unit and offers awesome value for the money compared to many others out there. It comes with a 6.2 inches resistive screen. It might not be high resolution, but it is still super responsive to touch, and large enough to display everything crisply and clearly.



  • Customizable interface
  • Lots of connectivity options and support for many file types
  • Affordable price for the Apple CarPlay
  • Very responsive screen
  • Comes with a CD/DVD player


  • Doesn’t support Android Auto

3. 2019 Double Din Car Stereo, Android 8.1 Car Radio Stereo Audio Eonon 10.1″ Double Din, Quad-Core, 2GB RAM 16 ROM, Car GPS Navigation Head Unit,Support Bluetooth, WiFi Connection

2019 Double Din Car Stereo,Android 8.1 Car Radio Stereo Audio Eonon 10.1 Inch Double Din, Quad-Core 16 ROM, Car GPS Navigation Head Unit,Support Bluetooth, WiFi Connection(NO DVD/CD)- GA2168K
This Eonon car stereo is an Android 8.1 based model that guarantees a better experience particularly to individuals that seek for a bigger display car stereo. This unit comes with a 10.1 inches HD display featuring a 1024 by 600 resolutions which is ideal for consumers who are seeking to feel comfortable while driving.

Also, this model comes with an adjustable viewing angle available through its innovative design. In addition, it can be easily linked to both Android and iOS either wirelessly or through a USB cable.

Furthermore, you can link your Android smartphone or iPhone wirelessly via USB cable to access some of your favorite applications directly on car dash. For Android users, you can even experience a bidirectional control between the unit and your phone.



  • You can link your Android smartphone or iPhone wirelessly via USB cable
  • Giant 10.1 inch HD display with 1024 by 600 high resolutions that brings visual grand feast
  • The sound output is amazing
  • The navigation doesn’t glitch that easily
  • The unit feels more like a plug and play device since it is super easy to install


  • Built in AM/FM radio can only be used with the default launcher
  • Backup camera cannot be manually triggered

4. Corolla Car Stereo DVD Player-Double Din in-Dash, Multimedia Receiver with 8 Inches Touchscreen, Built-in Bluetooth, GPS Navi, USB Port, SD, AUX Input, Radio Receiver

Corolla Car Stereo DVD Player-Double Din in-Dash, Multimedia Receiver with 8 Inches Touchscreen, Built-in Bluetooth, GPS Navi, USB Port, SD, AUX Input, Radio Receiver, Applicable Models: 2007-2011 (A)
This unit comes with high configuration. It uses wince 6.0 system that delivers stable and fast operating system for in-car industry. In addition to that, it supports Bluetooth with external microphone and built-in hand-free for safe driving.

In addition, it comes with a number of multimedia player including AM/FM radio. It also comes with SD slot/USB slot at the front panel, AUX input. Moreover, it supports BMP, JPG, DAT, RMVB, MKV, ASF, DVD, MP4, WMA, MP3, CD+R/RW, CD-R/RW, CD, AVI, DVD+R/RW, and many more.

Now its function features include SD/USB support, Touch Screen, Games, Subwoofer Output, Steering Wheel Control, RDS, GPS, and built-in Bluetooth. It also comes with navigation map card including the newest apple map.



  • Comes with excellent external memory capacity
  • Incorporated with audio input touch control and subwoofer output
  • It will show the playlist and songs from the linked device on the screen
  • Supports a number of audio input
  • Supports 13 languages


  • The fit between the GPS base and the unit is quite loose

5. Pioneer DMH-Z5150BT 7″ WVGA Display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Built-in Bluetooth, Digital Multimedia Video Receiver

Change the approach you drive with the Pioneer DMH-Z5150BT as it features the very best in automotive smartphone technology, including plus a reverse-camera input, Dual Bluetooth connection, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

Its menus and settings are quite easy to change and navigate. In addition, its audio settings and quality is superb in many ways to change the sound output from the unit. Its buttons and screen can be changed to a number of themes and colors.

Its Bluetooth hooks up promptly and so does its reverse camera image. Android auto is great and ideal for anyone with an android phone.


  • Comes with a non-stop mix of your music library
  • App Radio Live simplifies your drive
  • Comes with android auto that extends the android platform into the car in a way that’s purpose-built for driving
  • Comes with Apply Car Play
  • Factory unit is functionally good


  • The HD cable as well as the necessary HDMI/lighting iPod adapter seem useless
  • It takes about thirteen seconds to boot up


How to Choose the Best Android Touch Screen Car Stereo Radio for Your Needs

Bluetooth Compatibility

When seeking for the best android touch screen car stereo radio, you must have one that is compatible with Bluetooth if you’re looking to maintain a hands-free calling as well as wireless audio streaming. That’s why, get a Bluetooth-compatible radio so that you can avoid having to deal with inconvenient wiring, and just enjoy your favorite playlist. In addition, you may also want to acquire a radio that comes with application controls for apps including Spotify, Pandora, and Internet Radio.

GPS Navigation Feature

If you’re looking to experience better mobility, it would be wise to stay in progress with the present technological changes. Thus, choose a car stereo that comes with GPS navigation feature, and better if it’s WIFI-enabled. With this particular feature, you can locate shorter routers and stay on track even when driving in new areas.

Number of Inputs

The latest car stereo radios come with a number of inputs to let you play music from a number of devices. Thus, whether you’re looking to stream music from your smartphone or listen to the music stored in your flash drive, make sure to verify it with your seller and make sure that you get a double din stereo that can support such inputs. Don’t forget to get a model that features a USB input because it can totally aid you charge the phone aside from helping you play music.

Size and Quality of the Display

A lot of us don’t forget to consider this particular feature, but it’s actually worth considering if you’re looking to get the right touchscreen display. Remember that you’ll need a car stereo radio that comes with an appropriate size of the scree because you won’t want to strain your eyes just to view the wordings.

That’s why you should choose a radio that comes with a large display. In addition, it must feature bright yet vivid presentations for better viewing. Thus, acquire a radio that features a display with enhanced graphics and bigger icons. This way, you can be sure to get a touchscreen that won’t lead to significant amount of strain.

Quality of the Sound

In order for you to get the right touch screen car stereo radio, obviously you should opt for one that has the best audio quality out there. After all, what’s the purpose of acquiring a radio with the best video quality yet one with not-so-good quality? That’s why, seek for features like amplifiers, improved processors, adaptable fine-tuning, as well as EQ presets.


Even though we all know that most cars come with an integrated car stereo system, we also know that it’s sub-standard.

Which is why, an Android touch screen car stereo radio can significantly improve the value of your car drastically in the eyes of the passengers since the experience will surely be immersive.

Also, aside from better sound quality output and certain features related to audio, certain android car stereos are compatible with rear camera for hassle-free reversing. Android touch screen car stereo radios come with WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth, radio connection, GPS navigation, and some models also support Apple Car Play.

Those are some of the reasons why these products are very ideal if you have a car.

If you have any experience with using the best Android touch screen car stereo radios out there, please feel free to share your experiences below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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