Best Android & iPhone(iOS) Data Transfer Software Review

Best Android Data Transfer Software

The best Android transfer software gets everything from one point to the other seamlessly and easily. There are several good options, but some do a little bit more than the others. The end result is the one which suits your needs best.

Here are some of the best ones that can be used and some considerations to help you make the right choice. Each of them works though, so the choice is about you. Here is some background information as well.

There are a lot of times when phone transfer software is needed. Maybe you got a new phone. You switched from one type of phone to the other. No matter if you are switching from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, all of these work well for that transition.

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You should look for software that transfers the data that you need. Some software transfers specific types of data. Some of the software transfers everything over. In some situations that aren’t needed. In some case your space might be limited. Here is a list of some great choices and what type of data it will transfer.

1. Dr.fone Transfer For Android

This is a wonderful option that is a lightweight version for data transfer. It transfers music, pictures and contacts. There are options to set up email automatically as well. This allows you to turn on the two phones and transfer it all with a few selections. The software comes with full support. There is also a guide that can be downloaded for help.

2. Jihosoft Phone Transfer For Android

This one does the same thing. Using it allows you to save data when transferring your data. You can connect it to your computer and transfer everything instead of using your mobile data to do it. The coolest thing about this software is that you select what you want to transfer. It isn’t a “send everything” type of software. Sometimes that is important. Sometimes you might be transferring to a phone that is smaller in size than your current phone. That’s when this one comes in handy.

3. iSkysoft Phone Transfer For Android

This software transfers data through the computer as well. You just download the software and connect both phones to the computer. Then you do the transfers. It’s an easy process to transfer selected data. It’s really the same as the other software here, it’s just a matter of which one you like the best. Some people prefer the interface over the other choices.

4. Syncios Mobile Data Transfer For Android

This software has more options than the other choices. You can transfer from computer to phone or from phone to phone. It has an added feature as well that allows you to back up your iTunes data. That can save you money now that Apple makes you buy more storage to save your own music. That is the best seller on this choice. It is a great piece of software.

If you weigh the different aspects of each piece of software you can decide which one is the right choice for your needs. The Syncios Mobile Data Transfer For Windows is really great if you are short on Apple cloud storage. The other choices are great as well. Each one gets the data from one phone to the other safely and efficiently to allow you to pick up your new phone and have everything set up just the way you like it. Consider the interface and which one fits your preferences. You can even try all of them if you are unsure which one to chose.

Best iOS Data Transfer Software

If you were like most new Apple customers you loved your new iPhone and iPad and didn’t think much about moving files and photos to or from your device. It’s not really something you think about at first. But it doesn’t take long to feel the pain of being stuck in the iTunes sandbox. What do you do when you’re logged in on the wrong iTunes account? What does “syncing” really do? Am I going to delete files I want to keep accidentally? What about if I get a new PC? What if we have several iTunes accounts and only one computer? If you’ve lost your iPhone unexpectedly you’ve probably noticed how hard it can be to get back up and running, maybe even lost some photos or contacts.

So what can you do instead of using iTunes? If you’re considering using a dedicated 3rd party data recovery and file transfer software programs here are some things to consider. Are your files and photos important enough that you don’t want to risk losing them? Do you want to have an experience that is smooth, reliable, and easy? How much time are you wasting battling iTunes closed off and confusing system? What are your options at this point when it comes to best in class data transfer and recovery products?

1. Dr. Fone Transfer For iOS

Dr. Fone – Transfer (IOS): Dr. Fone is a simple no nonsense data transfer software solution. You can use it to transfer, photos, contacts, SMS messages and more on your iPhone or iPads. You can manage all your data by exporting it and saving it using your preferred backup solution, it requires no iTunes and it’s compatible with the latest version of IOS.

2. Sync IOS

Sync IOS: SyncIOS provides all of the same features that Dr. Fone has to offer with a few more specialized features. It can be used to transfer files too and from a PC without iTunes, you can still transfer files to and from iTunes, you can backups your apps, photos, messages, music and more. Additionally you can create music playlists to organize your music, you can add, modify or delete photo albums and create ringtones. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use too.

3. FoneTrans by Aiseesoft For iOS

FoneTrans by Aiseesoft: FoneTrans is another simple to use and fully featured iOS transfer and backup product. It allows you to move files between all of your iDevices and your PC. You can move files from FoneTrans directly into iTunes to keep iTunes up to date as well. It is compatible with basically everything you may want to backup or transfer on your iPhone or iPad, voice memos, photos, videos, sms messages, apps, music, etc.

4. iOS Transfer by Fone Paw

iOS Transfer by Fone Paw: FonePaw is all about simplicity and convenience. If you’ve ever tried moving music files or video files on to your iPhone that isn’t in the right format you’ve probably gone down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out what formats your phone wants, how to convert your files into the compatible version for your phone, checking file formats and bit rates, etc. Nobody wants to waste their time with this and this is where Fone Paw comes in. Simply plug in your iPhone or iPad, open up Fone Paw, go to where you’ve saved your music and click add. Fone Paw will detect if you’re music is in an incompatible format, transform the files to the right format, and then transfer. All done for you in the background automatically!

5. Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer: If your household has several iPods or iPhones Xilisoft is right for you. It allows you to manage several iPods at once, connect via wifi and move files to and from all your devices. It allows you to transfer and synchronize all of your photos, messages, etc. It includes some advanced features including searching your music files by genre to quickly create playlists. You can even use your extra iPhone storage space as a generic hard drive as an alternative to using a USB thumb drive.

As you can see all of these products provide a wide range of features that don’t come with iTunes alone. Backing up photos and moving songs and videos to your iPhone is something you probably do every day. Sure you can use iTunes, but it’s very picky, and it can be very confusing to know what files will transfer, is your video or music file the right format, did you backup everything or just a few things? At the end of the day it’s really not worth the hassle and choosing to use a solid 3rd party product like one of the ones listed above will make your life easier and keep your valuable photos and files safely backed up worry free.

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