Best Adjustable Overbed Table with Wheels Reviews

When getting out of bed isn’t an option, adjustable overbed tables can make a positive difference in someone’s life. They can be used for much more than simply eating. Little things like have a handy place to rest a heavy book or lap top, work a puzzle or do paperwork are all made easier with a firm surface to work on. Following are ten overbed tables offered at Amazon that were chosen for durability and customer satisfaction.

1. Eva Medical Adjustable Overbed Table with wheels (Hospital and Home Use)

The Eva overbed table is designed for home or hospital use and it needs just a light touch on the spring loaded locking handle to raise it from 28″ to 40.” Heavy gauge chrome plate and welded steel construction makes this table one of the toughest on the market and swivel wheels take the struggle out of trying to get it in position for use. This table is frequently recommended by medical professionals and that plus its extreme durability is one of the biggest reasons it sells as well as it does.


2. Eva Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Table w One-touch Height Adjustment Feature

This Eva overbed table is the deluxe tiltable version. The larger portion of the table top tilts to whatever angle you need it to be and a smaller area remains flat for beverages or other things you need to keep handy. Height adjustment only takes the slightest touch and steel construction provides durability. It’s a fact anyone stuck in bed will appreciate the multiple functions and convenience that come with this Eva table.


3. KIST Best Over Bed Table Adjustable Tilt Table

Now here is an overbed table by Kist that has everything a bedridden person needs including convenience and extreme durability. Tiltable to 50 degrees in either direction enables a person to use it no matter which side of the bed it has to be on. This Kist table has one of the largest surface areas on the market so you don’t have to feel as if you are trying to eat or work all cramped up, plus, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty! The warranty doesn’t include the table finish, but if any part breaks it will be replaced for free. When you find a product with a guarantee like that, it’s well worth paying attention to.


4. Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Overbed Table, Oak, 18″ x 40″

The Bariatric overbed table is basically all you need to eat, read or work comfortably in bed. The powder coated column and base are easy to keep clean and a frame that extends nearly the whole length of the table top adds to stability. Structurally reinforced with welded steel, this table is built to last and with swivel casters it moves into position with no trouble or struggle.


5. Medline Overbed Table, Composite TopMedline Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels, Great for Hospital Use or at Home as Bed Tray, Composite Table Top

This Medline overbed table has a lot to recommend it. The hammertone powder coat base is very durable, it’s easy to clean and moisture resistant, plus you only need one hand to adjust the height. Unlike wood, it’s surface won’t crack or peel so there is no worry about jagged edges or areas where germs could gather and spread. It’s definitely worth taking home to cover your basic overbed table needs.


6. Overbed Table by Vive – Swivel Tilt Top Rolling Tray Table – Adjustable Bed Table for Home or Hospital – Laptop, Reading & Breakfast Cart for Bedridden Patients – Lifetime GuaranteeVive Overbed Table - Hospital Bed Table - Swivel Wheel Rolling Tray - Adjustable Over Bedside Home Desk - Laptop, Reading, Eating Breakfast Cart Stand - Bedridden, Elderly, Senior Patient Aid

The Vive overbed table is used in private homes and hospitals. Hospitals have budgets and when they are willing to spend on an item, you can be sure it’s a good one. A 90 degree swivel top is perfect for use no matter which side of the bed it needs to be on and its tough, high grade steel construction gives it stability you can count on. This table comes with a Lifetime Warranty and that alone is reason enough to trust it.


7. Invacare Over Bed Table

Invacare offers a good overbed table with an attractive wood grain laminated top. Its chrome plated base is sturdy and durable, plus swivel ball casters don’t require brute force to get it into position, just push and it goes where you want it to. Table surface is 30″ by 15″ and offers plenty of room for eating or anything else you may need a table for while in bed. Easy to assemble, it will make a positive difference in comfort and care.


8. Adjustable Non-Tilt Overbed Table / Hospital Table

This non-tilt overbed table is going to make a big difference in the life of anyone who can’t leave their bed to eat or simply as a convenient place to put a book or drink. Just a touch is all it takes to raise it from 28″ to 45″ and swivel casters make maneuverability a breeze. When the height adjustment handle is released the table top locks in place automatically so you won’t have to deal with a wobbly table you can’t trust.


9. MedMobile Tilting Table with Tall Edge Laminated Table Top for Laptop Computer and Over the Bed Food Tray

The MedMobile overbed tilting table only weighs 15-pounds and for something so light weight to have the features it does this one is worth putting in your cart. The table top locks for stability when the height adjustment handle has been tightened, and it will swivel to vertical position so choices are endless when it comes to the perfect adjustment for you. A steel base provides durability, and the laminated surface is no problem to clean.


10. Essential Medical Supply Automatic Overbed Table

Essential Medical Supply Automatic Overbed Table

If what you’ve been looking for is simply a basic automatic overbed table, this is it. All it takes is fingertip pressure for height adjustment and it’s super easy to assemble. The laminate wood top is virtually maintenance free and measure 15″ by 31″. All four wheels are swivel casters which makes moving it around much easier than brands without them. A limited Lifetime Warranty comes with this auto table so it’s basically a risk free deal.


Now you know where to find ten of the best overbed tables on the market but that’s still a lot to choose from. Following this are two popular choices from the above list and hopefully they can make your decision a little easier. Obviously, you wouldn’t be looking at a list like this if you or someone you know didn’t need one so why wait?

Eva Medical deluxe, # 2, has that split, tilting table top which is very convenient. One area to tilt, and the other to remain level for drinks. It’s durable, multi-functional and very practical. Kist, # 3, also has a tiltable top, and is built to be durable and functional. About the only thing it has that Eva Medical doesn’t is that fantastic Lifetime Warranty.

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