Best Adjustable Inline Skates Reviews

Inline skating remains a popular physical activity for many different people of all ages. For children, who tend to be picky, you are looking to buy some skates that do well in performance, have good safety measures, and features a cool look. While the kids may be more concerned about appearance and how well it rolls along, parents want to know about specific features and the quality of each skate. Occasionally, there is a unique feature that appeals to children such as glitter or lights, so keep an eye on those. Here are 10 reviews of inline skates for both boys and girls.

1. Mongoose Girl’s Inline SkatesMongoose Girl's Inline Skates, Small

Among its features is an easy one-push button which can adjust the skates to a more comfortable size for the wearer. Another feature are the dual straps which provides good safety protection and makes sure the feet stay in the skate boots. Because of the ease of its adjustability, safety, and comfort, this set of skates is ideal for beginners to use.


2. Roller Derby Boy’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline SkateRoller Derby Boy's Stinger 2-5 Adjustable Inline Skate, Medium

This also has adjustable sizing for sizes 2-5 and there as an easy adjustment button. Other features that make this a worthy selection is its strong polymer frame that makes it more durable. Even the polyuerethane wheels are built to last with the added benefit of increasing speed.


3. Bladerunner PHOENIX – Adjustable Junior Skate

The main features on this inline skate for girls are the soft padded liners which are also removable. This makes the insides expandable which can help a girl last through a few shoe sizes before they outgrow it. Made of composite materials, the Bladerunner is handle hard knocks because of its durability and adjustable fit.


4. URUOI Unisex Kids Adjustable Glittery Inline Roller Skates

The main feature of this inline skate, in addition to its adjustability, is that the wheels glitter when revolved around. The wings are also removable and there is a stout wheel brake on the back side. It also comes in three different colors (pink, blue, red) and in different sizes (small, medium, large). However, the glitter and design are its main selling points.


5. Vilano Adjustable Inline Skates for BoysVilano Adjustable Inline Skates for Boys

As far as boys go, an inline skate that is durable and can go is their preference. A key feature on this the easy one button adjustment setting on it. Other features are its safety measures such as two straps with secure locks, brake, durable polyurethane wheels, and comfort pads in the liners which provide ankle support. The strong safety features in this inline skate makes it appealing to boys.


6. Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate

This girls skate can be expanded over four sizes and has a good composite frame and lining. Positive features on it include a cuff buckle, laces, and a strap for plenty of feet protection. The Spitfire has a strong reputation and the wheels are rubber, not plastic, making it harder to break.


7. Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids Featuring Illuminating Front WheelsXinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids, Featuring Illuminating Front Wheels, Awesome-Looking, Comfortable, Safe and Durable Rollerblades, for Boys and Girls, 60-Day Guarantee!

While these are nice adjustable skates for kids, there are a number of features which stand out. The illuminating front wheel featuring a number of different colors is the biggest feature and it actually helps during low-light and night time. There is plenty of ankle padding and the skate often glides along smoothly. The lights are the main feature, but this skate is also very durable.


8. 5th Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids Inline Skates5th Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids Inline Skates 5-8

With three different seizes in its black and green look, this 5th Element skate product really don’t any standout features that separate it from the rest of the pack. They adjust well and said to be comfortable, a good quality despite its low price.


9. Chicago Blazer Jr. Girls Adjustable Inline SkateChicago Blazer Junior Girls Adjustable Inline Skates - Purple - Sizes 5-8

A big feature of this Chicago Blazer skate is that it can have as many as four different adjustment settings. Another feature is its outer shell is a two-piece kind which provides flexibility. However, there is a strong strap with a quick release buckle for safety purposes. The wheels are solid and, with tight straps, this skate is easy to remove, yet durable.


10. Girls Lenexa Venus Adjustable Inline Skates

This girls inline skate has pink and black colors, but its main feature are its grippy urethane wheels and adjustments for different speeds. The straps are velcro around a soft shell boot. There is also a heel stop to allow for braking. Many like the performance and the quality of the skate which combines a bit of everything.


The inline skates reviewed generally meet the immediate needs of a kids inline skate. All of them are adjustable and come in different sizes. More importantly, all of these skates allow for a child to grow several feet sizes before it becomes too small for them. Durability and the ability to last through plenty of usage is another factor these skates have. Meanwhile, some have cool features such as a quick release strap, glowing lights, or glitter that can appeal to the kids themselves.

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