Best 4K Full HD Home Projectors Reviews

If you are ready to take the next step into the richest crisp image resolution on the planet, 4K is just the way to go. 4K projection has revolutionized movie theaters which is why everybody now wants a piece of that experience in their home.

If you intend to invest in a home theater upgrade that will display the best of your latest movies and gaming, 4K is the only way to achieve your best viewing.  4K enabled projectors are now affordable and more powerful due to continued upgrade allowing you to enjoy the best entertainment even in your brightly lit living room.

There are different levels of 4K that you can adopt and despite the difference in price and resolution, you will have up to four times better entertainment than what you get on any 1080P projector. You can go for 4.1 Million pixels provided by pixel shifting technology famously known as pseudo/enhanced 4K or invest in next-gen 8.3 million pixels from the native 4K chips which deliver images so detailed that you can’t miss a piece of the action. The projector you invest in has to be a one-time purchase that takes your presentation, watching or gaming to the next level while blending in perfectly with your home theater and most importantly, your budget.

Brightness and chip technology are the primary determinants of image quality of your 4K projector in a bright living room. We went for the highest resolution and latest 4K chip technology from established brands reviewing the best of true 4K and enhanced 4K for your best experience from whatever famous 4K brand you prefer.  Our tests and customer review analysis rated the best 4K home theater projectors for the money with a family home in mind and compiled this review.

Top 5 Best 4K Full HD Home Projectors For Bright Living Room Reviews

1. OPTOMA HD27HDR 1080P 4K Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD27HDR 1080p 4K HDR Ready Home Theater Projector for Gaming and Movies, 120Hz Support and HDMI 2.0


OPTOMA is one of the earliest brands to invest in Pixel shifting technology for 4K compatibility and has now perfected their act delivering the best 4K projectors you can buy on a budget. This a powerful projector with a 3400-lumen brightness able to display edge to edge pictures in a room with overhead lighting. It is fitted with the latest DCI-p3 wide color gamut technology to display 4K images from any source of choice as well as full 1080P support for clear 3D projection. The specs also include a 50,000:1 contrast for high image clarity.

This projector uses a powerful lamp to deliver a bright display. The lamp has a long life up to 15,000 hours. It gives you over 5 years of viewing 8 hours a day before having to replace it. The greatest advantage of this projector is its widescreen support with a high color clarity that comes in handy when watching movies and gaming. Its power display technology ensures Images do not fade on widescreen zoom on up to 120 inches of screen.

This projector comes with a 2.0 HDMI cable and also supports 1.4 HDMI which is both suitable for 4K enhanced gaming consoles and PCs. You can still connect USB sources and play your movies independently using the 10W speaker. Customers praised its quick response after connection. It also allows for 1.1 keystone adjustment for proper screen focus on any surface.



  • The projector has a quick response time
  • It includes a 10w speaker for standalone performance
  • It is very bright for displaying in a brightly lit room
  • High contrast and RGB brightness for wide home theater application
  • It has 1.1 keystone adjustment for location convenience


  • 4K turns off on 3D pictures
  • The fan gets disturbingly noisy if you don’t have powerful speakers


2. BenQ HT2550 True 4K, UHD, HDR Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector, 8.3 Million Pixels, 2200 Lumens, Rec.709, Audiovisual Enhancer, 3D, HDMI


BenQ is a master of DLP projection and now delivering compact 4K projectors for a wide range of applications including home theater. This projector is primarily designed for use at home in a lit room. It has 2200Lumen brightness and enhanced color display that delivers a cinematic viewing experience even without a high reflection projector screen. This 4K projector has dual HDMI connectivity allowing you to connect multiple sources at a time.

It has a high resolution delivering up to 4 times more clarity than 1080P projectors on a 200-inch screen. BenQ`s other great advantage is the throw distance than gives more space for the audience to enjoy clear images from a close-up distance.  It has a minimum resolution of 640×480 which means you can use it to play any low-resolution media including 480P and 720P while enjoying the same powerful magnification of its DLP projection.

Its set up convenience is impressive for most customers; it has automatic vertical keystone adjustment plus a 1.2 manual horizontal adjustment allowing you to set up anywhere. This projector has a 5W speaker which may not be enough to serve a large audience which is why it is best used alongside external speakers. Its fan is also a little loud but you can`t hear it once your media or gaming starts. It is powered by a 15,000-hour lamp.



  • Enhanced color clarity for better high action display
  • It is small, takes up little space for set up
  • The projector has a short throw distance
  • It uses a true 4K chip with cinematic display up to 200 inches
  • The projector has quick heat dispersion remaining cool after long hours of use


  • Its image clarity is highly affected by overhead lighting
  • The inbuilt speaker is not powerful


3. JMGO N7 FULLHD Android Home Theater projector with Bluetooth speakers

JMGO N7 Native 1080P Full HD 4K Projector, 1300 ANSI lm, HDR 10, Auto Focus, Keystone Correction,DLP, Dolby, 3D, WiFi, Bluetooth Speaker, Smart Home Cinema Video Projector, 300" Picture


If you are looking for a smart projector on a budget this package will not disappoint you. This is a single projector fitted with many powerful features that deliver a cinematic experience independently or as part of a system. The most stunning feature on this projector is the 8000 Lumen brightness that delivers clear images in daylight or at night. The projector also comes with two 5W speakers that can also work independently when the projector is on standby.

The Android operating system on the projector allows it to connect directly to a 2.4 to a 5GhZ WIFI network. This projector allows you to stream content online directly from all over the web including YouTube and Netflix in HD and 4K. It uses a quad-core processor supported by 2G DDR memory and 16G eMMC storage to stream data without lags and also stores your content. It can still be connected to external sources via HDMI supporting full 1080P and 4K images on up to 300 inches of screen.

The speakers can connect to external devices via Bluetooth. This projector`s high resolution also retains the edge to edge clarity on the large screens with auto keystone correction to help set up conveniently. The whole package is closed and silent with dual fan technology to disperse the heat. It can also be controlled remotely.



  • It can stream content directly from the internet
  • It has a quadcore processor and a large internal memory
  • It has two 5W speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Silent fans that don’t interrupt entertainment
  • 8000 Lumen lamp that displays clear images in daylight


  • It is large and heavy
  • It has only one HDMI port


4. EPSON Home Cinema 4010 4K Projector

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD (1) 3-Chip Projector with HDR


EPSON has been in the market for a long time famed for powerful DLP lamps which they have now integrated with pixel shifting technology to produce edge to edge 4K pictures. The biggest advantage of this EPSON 4K projector is the high precision focus lens supported by a 15-element precision glass that retains clear output even if you don’t have a high reflection screen.

This projector also uses 3 LCD chips that increase the pixels on your screen displaying with clarity that rivals any true 4K chip in the market. It also has a 2400 lumen brightness plus a wide color gamut that allows you to enjoy clear images even in a room with natural or overhead lighting.

This is a home theater projector with enhanced RGB projection over a sheer bright beam which displays clear shot images in high action scenes. The projector retains its clarity on 3D 1080P projections which makes it compatible with most home theater image sources including gaming consoles, PCS, TV boxes and USB drives.

Moreover, it is a quick response plug and play projector thanks to its 12-bit real-time image processor. Its powerful display glass allows it to retain image clarity on very wide screens over 200 inches. Customers love the sharp images from the screen, silent operation and quick set up but they complain against its bulky design. It is also heavy weighing over 24lbs.



  • It has a short response time
  • It has powerful precision focus glasse
  • It has modern cooling technology with quiet fans
  • It is easy to set up with digital focus
  • It has long life lamps
  • It has a large inbuilt color gamut


  • This projector is very heavy
  • It has poor image quality on 60 fps HDR gaming consoles


5. Sony VPLVW385ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

Sony VPLVW385ES 4K HDR Home Theater Video Projector


Sony is famously referred to as the mother of true 4K and this projector is famous in the market as the best true 4K projector for the budget. It has a giant resolution with a high contrast of 200,000:1 meaning daylight and overhead lighting won’t affect your image quality. Its compact design also makes it easy to carry around and install anywhere. It is made of premium material that make it very effective at displaying from any source and also very durable.

This is one of the best budget-friendly projectors from Sony with easy set up design. The projector has autofocus on both vertical and horizontal keystone adjustment. Its 1300 Lumen lamp also brightens up every viewing session although it needs a high reflection screen for the clearest 4K delivery. The projector also features the latest cooling system with a silent fan for undisturbed viewing and gaming.

The main concern on this package is the lamp which despite being powerful, only has 6000hrs of life meaning you may have to replace it after 3 or 4 years. The projector has universal connectivity via 2.0 HDMI but it can connect to any 4K source allowing to use any of your home appliances for entertainment. It is covered by a 3-year warranty.



  • It has a powerful true 4K chip
  • Its image clarity is not lost on widescreen zoom
  • It still accommodates low-resolution media files
  • It has universal connectivity to 4K media sources
  • It has powerful cooling technology with silent fans


  • Low brightness at only 1300 lumens
  • Its lamp has a short life of just 6000hrs


Buying Guide for getting the best 4K projector

4K technology used

4K projection is tempting, not just to buyers but also to the manufacturers which is why many companies are trying to imitate it in their projectors despite the high cost of incorporation. The actual 4KUHD that gives those detailed crisp images is provided by a 4K UHD chip with a resolution of 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 like the Sony VPLVW385ES included in this review.

These are the best option if you need a real unrivaled 4K display. The other options are cheaper because they don’t use an actual 4K chip. Rather, they use a resolution enhancement technology on a regular 1080P projector bouncing the image many times giving it a high resolution by splitting each pixel on the frame into two before replicating it.

The actual resolution is, however, lower than a true 4K projector because the technology can only create up to 4.1 million pixels instead of the 8.3 million produced by a 4K chip. It is hard to tell the two displays apart unless you are viewing the two screens side by side. This enhanced 4K is also called pseudo 4K like the one offered by EPSON and OPTOMA. These options are cheaper and still very suitable for home theater application.


Contrast is the measure of the clarity of a projector`s display in terms of the ratio of blacks to whites. The higher the difference, the better your images will be especially when viewing in a lit environment. True 4K UHD projectors have the highest contrast over 200,000:1 in this review that displays clear images under any lighting. Lower contrast means low-quality pictures. This review has projectors with the highest contrast in each category from the manufacturers so you don`t have to worru about that.

Throw ratio

The throw is the distance between your screen and the projector. A short throw distance less than 3 meters is the recommended throw for a home theater projector because beyond 10ft, you may not have enough room to install your projector for a wide screen. Whether you are setting up on the fllor or ceiling, a short throw distance has the best value even giving more room for your audience. This review has projectors fully equipped with a low through ratio allowing to set up 7 to 10 feet from your screen.


The brightness of a projector is measured in terms of lumens. The recommended minimum lumen reading for a home theater projector is at least 2000 Lumens especially considering overhead lighting. True 4K UHD chips are naturally able to display even with overhead light with brightness as low as 1200 lumens. Enhanced 4K projectors, however, have to be subjected to the same 2000 lumen minimum as any other 2k projector.


Q: What features make the best home theater projector?

A: Short throw distance for location convenience

Q: Wide color gamut for high clarity when playing movies and gaming

A: High contrast for clear images on any screen

Q: a silent fan that doesn’t interrupt your viewing

A: Universal connectivity to your available sources at home

Which is the best 4K projector for a brightly lit room?

Overhead lighting automatically reduces the quality of your image no matter the contrast of the projector. The best combination of projector specs for a lit room to counter the overhead light rays is a high contrast and a very high lumen which is why our top pick, OPTOMA HD27HDR with a 50,000:1 contrast and a 3400-lumen lamp was voted by both reviewers and professionals as the best projector for a brightly lit living room.

What is the difference between 4k and 1080P?

It is all about the number of pixels packed onto the chip. 1080P chips are rated as 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. This gives the normal HD images that are popular on most 2k projectors. 4K chips, on the other hand, have either 3840 or 4096 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically giving a crisp image with more detail than a 1080P.


We are no longer arguing about whether we need 4K or not, the question now is, what 4K projector should we go for. Every 4K enabled projector has a high price tag attached compared to lower resolution projectors and to make this price tag worthwhile, you have to narrow down to one that will meet all your entertainment needs.

This guide is an unbiased analysis of the performance of the best OPTOMA, BenQ, JMGO, EPSON and SONY projectors which came up as the most highly rated 4K projectors in the market. You can get your best projector here whether you are buying on a budget or looking for the best true 4K projector for the money.

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