Best 150 Inch Projector Screens Review

Projectors are the best home theater addition giving you full control of your entertainment but you need a few extras to complete your package. Getting the best foldable projector screen allows you to move around with your whole entertainment package. However, when it comes to choosing a screen, many people find it hard to decide on the material and the size.

One thing you can be sure of when buying a projector screen is that the larger your screen the better your entertainment. All you have to do is align your projector to the full-sized theater mode images of your 150-inch screen.

A 150-inch screen can be mounted in your basement, ceiling or the living room wall allowing the whole family to enjoy your home theater. The projector you have or intend to buy will go a long way in determining your choice of screen. Most LED, DLP and LCD projectors are now designed to display 4K HD images with high clarity up to 150 inches meaning this screen will allow you to employ the full power of your projector.

These highly coveted projector screens are quite hard to buy considering the wide variety of screens in the market and many disappointing reviews. This is why we employed a team to test out bestsellers in the market to narrow down your choice to the five best 150-inch projector screens. Elite Screens 150-inch manual retractable screen is our top pick combining high contrast with easy installation and operation. You can invest in any of these projector screens without breaking the bank and enjoy lifetime uninterrupted entertainment.

Top 5 Best 150 Inch Projector Screens Review

1. Elite Screens 150 inch pull down manual projector screen

Elite Screens Manual Series, 150-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen with AUTO LOCK, Movie Home Theater 8K / 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M150XWH2


Elite screens have a wide range of best seller projector screens and this is particularly one of the best 150-inch screens in the market famed for its set up and viewing convenience. This screen has an auto lock and a lanyard for pulling it open even from great heights. It has a 180-degree viewing angle meaning it can serve a very large crowd in a hall, church, classroom or your backyard. The package also comes in a classy steel case that keeps all components safe and allows you to carry your screen around comfortably.

This package is fully designed for ceiling, wall and outdoor mounting. It comes with wood screws, 12-inch, and 6-inch drywall screws as well as wall mounts for quick set up. Its biggest deal breaker for most clients is the high contrast aided by blackened back that delivers clear edge to edge images across the viewing angle.

It is matte white in color with a granular surface at a close-up look which improves the quality of high action scenes, especially on 4k projection. It can also be accessed at any height with the screen lanyard to pull it down. Setting up on the ceiling or high up on the wall however requires a ladder and an extra pair of hands. It is also difficult to set up quickly for presentations and outdoor viewing.



  • It is covered by a 2-year warranty
  • The screen has auto lock
  • The blackened back increases image quality
  • The granular close-up view improves quality of high action pictures
  • It is water and dust resistant and it can be washed using water
  • It has a very wide viewing angle, 180 degrees


  • It is hard to mount outdoors and on heights
  • It is not suitable for projectors with a short throw


2. Excelvan 150 Inch Collapsible portable projector screen


Excelvan is famous for portable screens with this one being one of the best choices for a screen on the go. This screen weighs just 2lbs and it can be folded into a very small package to be carried wherever you go without breaking a sweat. Its image quality is also high because of the blackened back and the smooth matte white canvas front that increases gain and prevents light from penetrating through. Its greatest advantage is the set up convenience. It can be set up at any height using the wall mounts and hanging grommets in the package.

Canvas is a versatile screen material supporting any throw distance and lumen of your projector making this a great screen for indoor and outdoor use. Its blackened back and high gain also allow you to make clear presentations in rooms with overhead lighting. It has a lightweight build with a strong compact frame which keeps the screen flat preventing creases and wrinkles especially when mounted on a background stand.

Most buyers highly recommend it because of the PVC that is water and mildew resistant and also easy to wash using water and soap. Moreover, it has 32 holes along the frame for tying up to keep the whole screen from sagging. This screen is also covered by a two-year warranty.



  • PVC is wrinkle and crease resistant
  • The screen has a blackened back for better picture quality
  • It is very light, easy to fold and carry around
  • It supports all projector ranges with a wide viewing angle
  • It is easy to set up both indoors and outdoors


  • The packaging causes wrinkles which interfere with the first use
  • It doesn`t support rear projection


3. JWST Upgraded 150-inch Portable projector screen

Projector Screen, Upgraded 150 inch 4K 16:9 HD Portable Projector Screen, Premium Indoor Outdoor Movie Screen Anti-Crease Projection Screen for Home Theater Backyard Movie.


This is another 150-inch canvas screen highly recommended for outdoor viewing in movie nights, gaming as well as office presentations. Its high gain displays brighter images than regular polyester screens in the market giving clear 1080P images from any projector. Its bright images are aided by three layers of material combined.

This screen has PVC on top for efficient light diffusion and easy cleaning, polyester in the middle makes it thick, flat and wrinkle-free. Its black backing completes the high-quality design by preventing light penetration. This customized design makes this one of the best anti-wrinkle screens in the market.

It also comes with 32 grommets alongside the hooks and ropes to make mounting easier. It can be mounted on a wall or background stand with little effort. Most buyers agree that it is a home friendly screen highly portable and fully crease free. Customers are also happy with the screen`s clear flat display because of the sturdy frame and smooth finish.

The screen is can be cleaned easily using a wet sponge. The package includes all you need to set up anywhere: nails and holes along the frame plus hooks for installing indoors. The dual-stick hooks can also be used to install quickly for temporary use when presenting while the ropes come in handy for outdoor viewing. It is covered by one year warranty with a free replacement guarantee.


  • Thick material remains flat during display
  • The blackened back prevents light penetration
  • The three layers of material prevent wrinkles and creases
  • It has high gain with clear images even under light
  • It accommodates both strong and weak projectors


  • It is not suitable for small rooms due to size and brightness
  • It cannot be machine washed


4. Varmax 150-inch Foldable canvas projector screen

Varmax Projector Screen 150 inch 16:9 Movie Screen with Foldable Canvas Fabric, for Outdoor Indoor Movie Night, Camping, Hiking, Backyard Home Theater


This is one of the most recent introductions to the market but it still scored highly as the best screen for outdoor viewing as well as office presentations. This screen is made of canvas which has better reflection than PVC and way easier to clean. Its Spandex frame keeps it flat when hanged using ropes or the double-sided hooks included in the package. This screen can still be mounted indoors on the ceiling or on the wall.

The advantage is that the screen is highly durable and wrinkle-free. The buyers love it because of its thick canvas that produces even light diffusion allowing the whole audience even those on the side to enjoy great viewing. This is why this screen is highly recommended for a large audience. Customers praise it for its clear reflection of 1080P images when watching movies.

The material is washable with soap and water. Its extra thickness also prevents wind from shaking it around when watching outdoors. Moreover, the package also includes a large drawstring bag that makes carrying easier. You can however need to buy a background screen to make this a standalone screen for your outdoor entertainment.



  • It has a thick durable material
  • The elastic material can be stretched to remove wrinkles
  • The smooth surface repels dust and it is crease-proof
  • It reflects bright images even on a low lumen projector
  • The screen has high relatability


  • Canvas is vulnerable to scratches
  • It Doesn’t support rear projection


5. NIERBO 150 Inch Portable projector screen

150 inch Projector Screen 16:9 NIERBO Movie Screen for Projectors Home Outdoor Indoor Office 4K Projector Screen of Canvas Material with Double Sided Projection


This is another thick canvas screen rated as the best projector screen for rear projection. It is very light and easy to carry around if you intend to watch in the backyard or move around a lot with your projector. The canvas is also thicker than regular light screens giving it the high contrast. It displays clear edge to edge pictures from 1080P and 4K projectors. Its quick set up design makes it easy to mount outdoors for viewing, gaming, and presentations.

This is the best projector screen if you intend to entertain a large crowd in your backyard or a hall because of its clear rear projection and wide viewing angle. The 32 holes along the frame make it very easy to mount on a frame or a tree branch with the 5m ropes included in the package.

It also has a high gain of 1.4 which highly increases image clarity allowing you to enjoy your viewing even when there is natural light. It, however, has a lower viewing angle giving only 150 degrees with poor image quality for side viewers. It is still durable and a great option if you need a one-time purchase for your home theater projector screen.



  • It has a high gain producing higher quality images
  • The screen can be washed and ironed to remove wrinkles
  • Even light diffusion provides a clear zero-glare images
  • It has a thick durable material
  • It supports rear projection


  • It has a narrow viewing angle
  • Rear projection delivers poor images


Buying Guide


The screen material is the most important part of your 150-inch projector screen. Being a large piece, your screen can easily wrinkle or scratch if the material is not flexible enough. PVC and polyester are the best crease proof material for a projector screen. Polyester is always a great choice for powerful projectors because of the granular finish that acts as extra effects on 4K pictures, movies, and gaming projections. Canvas, however, has better image reflection delivering higher quality images although they wrinkle easily when folded. You can still iron or stretch out your screen to remove any wrinkles.

Projector compatibility

150 inches is quite a large screen and some regular projector in the market may not allow you to utilize the full extent of your screen because images get blurred above 100 inches. However, a high gain screen can still display clear images from a projector with a small throw distance. When buying a screen for low lumen projectors, then it is wise to go for one with a blackened back like our top pick which utilizes every ray that falls onto the screen.

Portability and set up convenience

Foldable screens are the best option for your entertainment on the go which is why you should buy one that can be easily installed anywhere. Weight may not really be a problem because you will get a carrying bag but you have to ensure the package has everything you need for quick set up and taking down. Hooks with double-sided tape are always the easiest to install temporarily for presentations without damaging walls. Ropes also make mounting outdoors on tree branches or background stand very easy. All these components are included in the recommendations in this review.

Gain and viewing angle

Gain is simply the reflective ability of your screen. Generally, high gain is always good although it increases the glare and reduces the viewing angle if it is too high. The base gain is always 1.0 which displays images at the same reflection as a whiteboard. 1.5 gain reflects images 50 percent clearer than a whiteboard although the viewing favors the people right in front of the projector screen. Gain between 1.2 and 1.4 is clearer than a whiteboard and suitable for a larger audience.


Contrast determines the clarity of your images in relation to light. All projectors are brighter when there is little or no overhead or natural light. A good projector screen with high contrast can help you beat these odds and display even brighter images if it has high contrast. Triple layered screens with a blackened back have high contrast with clearer images because they don’t allow any light to come through or scatter away for that matter.

Tips For Maintaining Your 150 Inch Projector Screen

A projector screen is basically a one-time purchase if maintained properly. Once you buyit, it is very important that you treat it like your large television screen rather than a large piece of fabric which is why we put together these guidelines to help you get the most from your screen.

  1. Avoid using abrasives when cleaning the screen to maintain its gain and flatness
  2. Dust your screen regularly using a clean microfiber cloth to prevent dust buildup
  3. Keep your screen fully stretched for a few days if you notice any wrinkles to restore its original look
  4. Avoid contact with sharp objects because they may cause irreparable scratches and cuts
  5. When mounting using nails, avoid driving nails and screws through the screen or the frame because it creates the primary tearing points.


It is very expensive to invest in a 150-inch TV but a projector gives you unlimited screen size and with the right 150-inch screen, you have your complete home theater. This screen allows you to enjoy a whole theater at home without breaking the bank. To get the best from your investment, it is important to get the one screen that is very compatible with your projector and suitable for your audience.

This is a complete review of 150-inch projector screens that can meet a wide range of needs from your home, backyard, pool and beach parties to office presentations. Our evaluation selected the most enjoyed purchases in the market to help you make a confident purchase as well.

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