Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 16:9 Dimensions

After paying a fortune for your dream projector, it can sound unnecessary to go back into the market for a projector screen. However, your entertainment on that great projector will not be as complete as you would expect if you use the wall for display. Getting a 120-inch projector screen makes the final addition to your home entertainment or presentations allowing you to take your entertainment wherever you go without breaking a sweat. The market is now flooded with these 120-inch screens because they make a perfect replacement to your old expensive TV screen diffusing the light from your projector evenly to give you a heavenly display from your home theater.

If you are in the market for a projector screen, then you have definitely bought or made a decision on your projector but even if you haven`t you still need to understand how to match the screen to your projector. All projector screens in the market are now 1080P display ready but you have to look for the little details that may also affect your display quality. The key details you need to look for is contrast, gain and finish considering that granular screen finishes are the best for displaying 4K images and high action scenes (

Generally, a 120-inch screen is a good size for both indoor and outdoor display because they take little space while displaying full-sized theater-style images. They are also easy to set up giving you this classy entertainment and a more official appearance when used in presentations. This review is simply the result of what our tests uncovered. We examined more than 20 bestseller screens outdoors and indoors on both LCD and DLP projectors and came up with our rating. We also looked at customer reviews and decided on excelvan 120-inch as our top pick. This guide also includes four other highly rated screens and other details on what you need to know before buying a projector screen.

Top 5 Best 120-Inch Foldable Projector Screens For Any Projector Reviews

1. Excelvan 120 Inch 16:9 Portable projector screen


Excelvan is a very popular brand for some of the best outdoor projector screens in the market. Their screens are made from PVC which is weatherproof and crease free. This one is an improvement of earlier screens because it includes hanging holes that make set up way easier. It Is also a very high contrast screen with a blackened background that prevents light from filtering through bringing home clear edge to edge images on any projector of choice.

This is a single piece screen so set up is all about unfolding and mounting. It comes with a few wrinkle lines as a result of the packaging but this is not really a put off because they go away after a few days of use. Its surface is very smooth and clear for even light diffusion which is why there is very little image fade when you sit on the sides. This allows the screen to serve a large audience at 160 degrees of viewing angle.

Its frame is also strong allowing you to access the whole 120-inch diagonal stretch of the screen for viewing. It is also covered by a 24-month warranty with a 30-day refund provision if you are not satisfied. Most customers were unsatisfied with its lack of a stand but you can always buy a background stand if you intend to set it up in the open.



  • A blackened back for higher image clarity
  • It has a wide viewing angle delivering clear images over the 160 degrees
  • It has 32 hanging holes for quick and sturdy set up
  • It is very light (5lbs) and easy to carry around
  • The PVC is both weatherproof and water resistant


  • PVC fades if cleaned with abrasive soap
  • It doesn`t come with a stand


2. Mdbebbron 16:9 120 Inch Foldable projector screen

Mdbebbr 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection

This is a polyester projector screen suitable for office presentations and movie nights because it doesn’t crease and it also supports rear projection. It is a complete entertainment package with ropes, brackets, hooks and wall mounts with double-sided tape that makes hanging easy. Its material is thicker than regular portable projector screens giving longer service and higher image clarity even in rear projection. This screen has strong borders that prevent the fabric from chipping.

This screen comes with double sided tape on the wall mounts that allow you to mount it without interfering with the paint on your walls. It can also be folded into a very small package easy to carry in your backpack or suitcase.  Many customers preferred the front projection because the rear projection has blurry pictures on low lumen projectors.

This is a full 4K compatible screen with the 16:9 contrast ratio that allows you to play high action scenes. These features are good for home viewing when watching and gaming. The holes along the frame also make mounting easy, especially when using a background stand.



  • It has thick premium quality fabric
  • It supports both front and rear projection
  • It is 4k HD compatible
  • The fabric is both hand and machine washable
  • double sided tape does not destroy the paint


  • The rear projection has poor image quality
  • Polyester fades when washed with abrasives


3. P-JING 120 inch 16:9 Portable anti-crease foldable projector screen

120 Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen, P-JING Portable Video Screen Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Support Double Sided Projection


This is a matte white polyester screen highly recommended if you are buying your projector screen on a budget. It is very light weighing just 2.2lbs, you can fold it into a very small package for carrying around. Its granular fabric makes it a great screen for displaying 1080P and 4K projected pictures. It also allows rear projection giving you location convenience.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors with its sturdy frame keeping the whole screen from sagging or creasing. The package also includes hooks for each hole on the screen allowing you to access the whole 120-inch display. Customers highly recommend it as the best home theater screen suitable for movie watching and gaming but its heavy fabric design makes it suitable for presenting in rooms with overhead lighting. This makes it a great companion for your presentations.

Its greatest deal breaker is the projector universality. This screen has a 1.1 gain capacity displaying high-quality images from DLP and LCD projector. The package is also very easy to mount and take down, just unfold and load it onto the hooks. Customers, however, complained that rear projection has poor quality images if you don`t have a powerful projector for displaying.



  • It is very light (2.2lbs), easy to carry around.
  • It has a high contrast ratio with clear images
  • It has a wide viewing angle
  • It is very easy to mount and take down
  • The strong frame prevents it from sagging


  • It favors strong projectors for perfect pictures
  • The packaging causes wrinkles which are tough to remove


4. NIERBO 120-inch canvas projector screen

120 inch Projector Screen 16:9 NIERBO Movie Screen for Projectors Home Outdoor Indoor Office 4K 3D Projector Screen of Canvas Material with 16 Grommets


If you are a movie night enthusiast or planning to do lots of watching and gaming outdoors, this is a great screen for you. It is made of canvas, water resistant and washable. You can even iron it with a cool iron box if you have stubborn wrinkles. It supports both front and rear projection allowing everyone on any side of the screen to enjoy the viewing.

Canvas has better image diffusion that polyester allowing this screen to display images with high clarity even from a low lumen projector. The screen also has a high gain of up to 1.4 which comes in handy when playing high action games or watching movies. It’s high gain, however, favors the central audience leaving people seated on the sides at a disadvantage.

The screen is a simple one piece that can be unfolded and be set up with little effort in a few minutes. Setting up this screen on a background stand is also very simple although you have to build or buy a stand in the extended package for convenient outdoor set up. It also comes with a lifetime warranty cover.



  • The material is very easy to clean
  • It supports rear projection
  • It is thick and crease fee
  • It has a high gain (1.4) for brighter images
  • It is compatible with a wide range of projectors


  • Its high gain reduces the viewing angle
  • It needs a powerful projector for clear rear projection


5. YLIFE No Crease Portable Projector screen

Ylife Projector Screen, 16:9 HD 4K No Crease Portable Video Movie Screen Grommets for Home Theater Outdoor (120 INCH)


This is another popular polyester screen if you want to create your perfect home theater on a budget. It is also very light, weighing just 2lbs making it one of the lightest screens in the market. This Ylife design is especially family friendly with little glare and a wide viewing angle over 165 degrees which gives the whole audience a clear view of the projection. It’s even light diffusion also makes it viewing friendly allowing you to enjoy full-size edge to edge images without strain on the eyes.

The package includes 2 sets of hooks with different sizes allowing you to hang the screen at your convenience. You can still tie it to a background stand with the ropes for uninterrupted viewing. It has a 1.2 gain with 16:9 contrast ratio making a complete package for displaying 4K HD pictures. Its thick material also prevents light from diffusing through the screen retaining clear images on both sides of the screen.

Customers appreciate the double-sided tape and the hooks because they make mounting easy and they don`t ruin your paint. It is also very easy to take down and unfold without creasing making it your screen if you need entertainment on the go.



  • It comes with iron hooks for stable mounting
  • It has a wide viewing angle
  • It can be cleaned with water
  • A strong sturdy frame that keeps the screen flat
  • The material is thick and durable


  • It has poor image quality when there is ambient light
  • It needs a powerful projector for clear rear projection


Benefits of buying a 120-inch projector screen

  • The ability to move around with your entertainment and enjoy clear images both indoors and outdoors is the first advantage of a 120-inch projector screen. You get the experience of a large TV with full-sized images. It can still be fit into your basement or living room for great entertainment. Here are the benefits of buying a 120-inch foldable projector screen.
  • They are portable, suitable for both entertainment and official presentations. They can be installed anywhere with little effort.
  • 120-inch portable screens can be installed in a small room between 8 and 10 feet as well as a large hall offering high image clarity in both instances as compared to larger screens that glare up small rooms.
  • These screens have close to universal projector compatibility. At 120 inches, you can project full-sized images without losing clarity allowing you to use the full extent of the viewing area.
  • These projector screens are very easy to install and take down.
  • These screens are either made of polyester or canvas which can be washed using water. The material is also more durable because it cannot break on impact.

Buying Guide


Before you decide to buy a 120-inch screen, it is important to look at the specifications of the projector you have. Screens that support rear projection need a projector with a powerful lumen to penetrate clear images to viewers on the opposite side. 4K projectors display better on the granular surface than smooth ones which are why polyester may the best material for you. However, regular screens will still offer great viewing on any projector.


Canvas and polyester are the most common projector screen material in the market today. Polyester is durable, machine washable and more crease resistant compared to canvas. It is also absorbent meaning it takes longer to dry after washing and also fades quickly when washed with abrasives. Canvas is, however, easier to wash because a simple wipe gets the whole screen cleared. Canvas also has a higher contrast if the back is blackened off.


Contrast refers to the ratio of blacks and whites which determines the final image quality especially when there is ambient light. This review has screens with 16:9 contrast ratio which is able to display images at the same quality as the projector. The contrast is highest when the screen has thick material preventing light to penetrate through to the other side.


Rear projection is a key component for most projector screen buyers which is why many people are going for screens that can project on both sides. Dual projection screens serve large crowds better, especially in large halls. Rear projection, however, requires a strong projector to display clear images on both sides. Screens with one blackened side have the highest contrast because they do not allow light through. They are the best choice for home theater applications which is why our top-pick has a high rating.


Can a foldable screen be machine washed?

Polyester screens can be machine washed and be dried with a regular laundry drier. Canvas, on the other hand, can only be wiped with a damp cloth. You should, however, keep off abrasives because they corrode the screen and cause it to lose color quickly.

Are portable projector screens compatible with all projectors?

These projector screens can display images from LED, DLP and LCD projectors. The clarity of the images largely depends on the type of projector you are using and the lighting conditions in the room. High lumen projectors are the best choice when you plan to do rear projection or to display in a room with overhead lighting.

How long does a foldable projector screen last?

Foldable projector screens are a one-time purchase if maintained properly. These are just a simple canvas or polyester mounted on a spandex frame which can last as long as you maintain them properly. Just avoid pulling them off the wall roughly and clean them gently as directed in the manual. They can last over 10 years giving you value for your money.

How do you remove creases and wrinkles from a projector screen?

Wrinkles can be irritating and they need to be cleared as soon as they appear. While mounting your screen, stretching it fully with the hooks and leaving it that way for a few days should be enough to clear the wrinkles. You can also iron away the creases using a cool iron to restore your screen`s smooth look.


A 120-inch projector screen can revolutionize the quality of entertainment you receive from your projector if you choose right. High contrast and a high gain are a good start when choosing the best screen for all-round entertainment. Your ultimate choice of the screen will affect the quality of your entertainment for a long time which is why we consulted with projector professionals and thousands of customer reviews to pick out five bestsellers that are really worth the money. This guide has all the details you need past the confusing reviews and technical terms when investing in the best projector screen that can last a lifetime.

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