Best 10000 Lumen Flashlights Reviews

Whether you are out for a long night hike or an emergency search and rescue at night, it’s important to have a reliable flashlight to end up with a great visibility. Flashlights allow us to easily and quickly see and identify things in the darkest environments.

Without having one, it will be very difficult for you to move in the dark as well as see stuff. If you are looking for the brightest flashlights available in the market today, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will give you some of the best 10000 lumen flashlights that will absolutely light your outdoor adventures.

Top 10 Best 10000 Lumen Flashlights Reviews

1. iGB 18650 Flashlights Acebeam X60M 3 x CREE MT-G2 Q0 10000LM 5000K LED Flashlight

iGB 18650 Flashlights Acebeam X60M 3 x CREE MT-G2 Q0 10000LM 5000K LED Flashlight

The Acebeam CREE MT-G2 LED flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights out there. It produces blinding 10000 lumens of brightness output with a beam distance of 525 metes max, making it a perfect outdoor camping tool. It’s insanely bright so don’t and never look directly into it as it can blind you temporarily.

The bright flashlight is waterproof to IPX-6 Standard and impact resistant — it can withstand a drop of up to 1.2 meters so it is safe to say that the light is pretty tough. The switch is conveniently placed at the bottom of the flashlight for quick and easy on and off.

Furthermore, It comes with a strobe mode, which works great for emergency and tactical use. The body is made of durable and high-quality aluminum alloy 6063 for extreme durability and sturdiness. It’s included with an intelligent, high-quality circuit board that allows it to last longer and perform at its best with little to no effort.

Moreover, switching the lighting mode is easy and very convenient. All you have to do is to simply rotate the control ring while the light is turned on to change modes. The charging time may depend on the capacity of your batteries. The battery can last up to 150 hours on Min mode and 1.5 hours on Flashing mode. It’s powered by 6 18650 batteries which are cheap and very easy to find.

Although the flashlight is quite expensive, it will meet your needs, expectations, and satisfaction. To put simply, it’s worth the price! If you need a bright flashlight for your next outdoor adventure alone or with your loved ones, then don’t hesitate to get this one as soon as possible.


2. Semlos 10000 Lumen Flashlight, Super Bright Led Flashlight

Semlos 10000 Lumen Flashlight, Super Bright Led Flashlight, Rechargeable Type-C 12xLEDs 4 Modes Torch with Insulation Protection Technology&Battery IndicatorThis powerful flashlight with 12 pcs LEDs provides smooth bright light beam, the max output comes to 10000 Lumens. Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, hard-anodized anti-abrasive coating, skid-proof and shock-proof. IPX-5-rated water resistance. The tactical flashlight is included with powerful, high-quality LED bulbs that provide consistent, maximum performance throughout  and better identify the battery level. Up to 6 hours (Low mode) working time, You can handle your work more easily.

It produces an extremely bright light, enabling you to easily see and identify things even in the harshest environments.

The 10000 lumens flashlight runs on High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries which are very affordable and always available. It can effectively extend battery life. When you do not use it for a long time, please press power button for 5 times within 3 seconds to activate Insulation Mode. The flashlight is also shock-proof and skid-proof — it can withstand heavy impacts and drops effortlessly.

Using it in heavy rain will never be a problem as the light is water resistant. It comes with a built-in power display that enables you to identify the charging status and battery level quickly and effortlessly. Without a doubt, the 10000 lumens light is perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities.

In addition, it’s very easy to use, making it an ideal flashlight for everyone. Whether you are out for an extreme night hike or you just want to walk your dog safely in the night, this remarkable flashlight will fit your needs.

And the best part? It’s way affordable than other bright lights! Although the Semlos is undoubtedly budget-friendly, it delivers lots of remarkable benefits that are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Don’t wait and grab yours now — we assure you that you will not regret it!


3. HONRIYA Super Bright Tactical Flashlight

HONRIYA Super Bright Tactical Flashlight,1000~10000/12000 Lumens High Power Searchlight,10 or 12xCREE XML-T6 Portable Led Flashlight for Home and Outdoor (Black/Gold)

It’s important to always have a bright flashlight in your home or outdoor in case of emergency situations. If you are looking for a reliable light, there is the HONRIYA flashlight to save the day. This light is compact yet extremely powerful.

The light produces a blinding 1000 to 10000 lumens max which is undoubtedly pretty decent for its small size. It’s perfect for any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, trekking, and even in an emergency search and rescue.

It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum materials for outstanding durability and sturdiness. Moreover, the flashlight is designed with anti-roll body that prevents it from turning when placed on an inclined platform.

In addition, the HONRIYA flashlight is powered by rechargeable 4 pieces 18650 3.7 volts lithium. These batteries are easy to find and inexpensive. Since the batteries are rechargeable, you don’t have to carry extra batteries with you when using it. You’ll also be able to save more money from time to time.

The amazing flashlight features 3 lighting modes: High (Brightest), Low (Dimmest), and Strobe. It’s made to last for countless hours and it’s available at a cost that fits your budget. For an affordable price, you’ll be able to get your hands on this one of a kind flashlight.

The light is designed with a bludgeon head that is absolutely tough. Users can use the head to protect themselves from potential threats or break objects in emergency situations. Without a doubt, it’s a good choice for any outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, emergency use, as well as indoor activities.




4. GiareBeam Tactical Flashlight Portable Handheld LED Flashlight Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight 12xCREE XM-L T6 Torch 3 Modes 18650 Flashlight for Home and Outdoor

GiareBeam Tactical Flashlight Portable Handheld LED Flashlight Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight 12xCREE XM-L T6 Torch 3 Modes 18650 Flashlight for Home and OutdoorWhen doing outdoor activities at night, it’s important to have a bright flashlight for better visibility. The GiareBeam flashlight delivers a blinding 12000 lumen output, making it one of the best flashlights for camping, hiking, or hunting. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the light is no doubt very durable and sturdy. It has three modes to offer: High, Middle, and Strobe which works well in any situation.

Furthermore, it’s waterproof but it should not be put in the water for a long time. The LED lifespan can last for 100,000 hours so it’s definitely worth the price. The flashlight heats up a bit, but that’s normal considering the powerful light it produce. If you’re looking for an affordable powerful 10000 lumen flashlight, the GiareBeam is the answer you’re looking for.


5. Nrpfell Led Flashlight 10000 Lumens,12xCREE XM-L T6 LED 4 Modes Super Bright Flashlight

Nrpfell Led Flashlight 10000 Lumens,12xCREE XM-L T6 LED 4 Modes Super Bright Flashlight, Waterproof Handheld Light with Power Display and 4x18650 Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesWhile exploring in the dark or building a camp at night, it’s crucial to have a bright flashlight in order to easily see things clearly. The 12xCREE XM-L T6 flashlight produces an intense beam that enables you to move and explore in the dark with little to no effort. It’s an ideal tool for police officers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The 10000 lumen flashlight is made of high-quality durable aluminum with non-slip rubberized grip for extreme durability, comfort, and grip. Also, it is water resistant and drop resistant so you can still use it no matter how extreme the weather is. The high lumen light features 3 lighting options: high, low, and strobe that suit your needs.

It runs on 4 pieces 18650 lithium batteries which are rechargeable and can last up to 8 hours. Since the batteries are rechargeable, you can save lots of money and you don’t need to carry extra batteries while using it. The 12xCREE 10000 lumen light comes with a power light indicator that turns green when the flashlight is fully charged.

The 10000 lumen XM-L light is pretty affordable for all the remarkable features it provides. Don’t wait and get one of this now. Let the XM-L flashlight light your way and your world!


6. Super Bright Flashlight 5000 Lumens, Power Display, 4 Modes, USB Type-C Rechargeable, 12xLEDs, Built-in Battery

Super Bright Flashlight 5000 Lumens, Power Display, 4 Modes, USB Type-C Rechargeable, 12xLEDs, Built-in Battery

This Super Bright Flashlight emits blinding light that can easily reach to 300 meters illumination distance. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it features different lighting options: from high, medium, low, and strobe for different situations. It can run up to 6 hours on Low mode 30 minutes on High which is enough for daily use.

What’s amazing about this light is it comes with a digital power display that shows the battery status, allowing the users to know when to charge it. The tactical flashlight requires 18650 lithium battery to run and these batteries are cheap and you can easily find them anywhere.

You won’t be disappointed by its durability since the Super Bright Flashlight is made of anti-abrasive, high-grade aluminum alloy material. The flashlight gets hot when used for some time, but that’s just normal since it produces a very powerful, bright light that will light your adventures.

Note: This 10,000 Lumens may be only slightly over rated but not by much. I have a 12,000 Lumens diving flashlight which puts out about 40% more light than this one. I would say this is actually a 8,000 Lumens flashlight.



Before you do anything at night, make sure you have a reliable flashlight with you. Above you can see some of the best 10000 lumen flashlight in the market today. Each provides unique features that will meet your needs, budget, and satisfaction. When purchasing a flashlight, do your research and don’t rush the process to make the moneys worth!

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